Overview of our speakers

GALEO Line Array System

The latest generation of high-precision Line-Array loudspeakers. Fast set-up, high quality sound, long throw and predictable directivity make the GALEO Line Array System suitable for a broad range of sound reinforcement applications. The weatherproof RAL 9005 black Polyurea coating can be supplied in other RAL colours on request.


G 3

The G 3 System features the same Line Array technology as the Galeo system, integrated in a cabinet with a fixed vertical dispersion of 20°. A single G3 cabinet contains six 8” low-mid range drivers and three 1.4” hf drivers. Two interchangeable horn elements are available for the system, allowing for a horizantal dispersion of either 80° or 120°. The tilt and pivot frame included as standard allows for simple alignment of the system.



A compact high-end line array system for long throw, high definition voice and music reproduction in acoustically difficult venues.
The innovative cabinet construction exploits acoustic coupling to optimise vertical dispersion and frequency range. This combines with state of the art horn design to provide an exceptionally homogeneous and symmetrical 100° horizontal dispersion, whilst allowing a slim 19 cm cabinet width. GL 16 Systems are available in the i-version (100° x 7°) or the c-version (100° x 30°), which can be combined as required using the integrated flying hardware.



A very slim and unobtrusive column loudspeaker for demanding applications in acoustically difficult rooms, the L-Series comprises of a total of six cabinet designs in a variety of lengths and curving characteristics. The system can be extended and adapted to different applications by combining the cabinets of the L-Series range as appropriate.



The TS product line is characterised by excellent audio quality in conjunction with high acoustic output. Variability, a multitude of exemplary detail solutions and first class workmanship combine to provide a very convincing audio solution. The speakers of the TS-Series are the choice of sound reinforcement professionals with the highest standards.



The high powered K-Series systems are suited to applications which require a good sounding system with optimized power reserves and fast and simple setup. The large format 1.4“ horns (90° x 60° or 60° x 50°) provide highly precise point source coverage.
The accurate and deep bass response of the K Subwoofers is achieved by the consequent application of classic bass reflex technology.



Multifunctional premium-class compact 2-way systems. The coaxial configuration in combination with a carefully designed large-area horn ensures absolutely constant response even off the main axis. High-power Neodym drivers and long-excursion coils provide high efficiency and reduced distortion.



The Atelier-Series features multifunctional design, finest quality components and many interesting details.
Consisting of six full range / Hi-Mid systems and two subwoofers, the series is designed for demanding tasks in small to medium venues.
The Atelier-Series is equally suitable for permanent installations and mobile use.


G Subwoofer

The G-Subs are high power subwoofers for universal use. With an extended footprint, GL Systems and other HiMid units can be mounted safely on an attachable speaker pole. The full and deep bass reproduction is complemented by their good handling and an exclusive, modern design.



Miniature loudspeaker systems for applications requiring good sound charactaristics in a low-profile, unobtrusive enclosure.
The powerful 4" broad-range driver in the i 4 provides precise, undistorted coverage at up to 113 dB (1W /1m).
The larger i 5 is fitted with a 5" / 0.75" coaxial driver. Multiple mounting points, flexible connection options and the standard flying frame make these systems universal tools for a wide range of near field applications.



Ultra flat and visually attractive stage monitors featuring coaxially mounted 1.4“ horn drivers. With high power reserves, homogeneous sound dispersion characteristics and high resistance to feedback, the M 1 and M 3 monitors are tools which will greatly simplify a sound engineer’s job. Combined with the optional flying brackets, the M1 and M3 are also well suited to both down-fill and general sound reinforcement applications.


Permanent Installations

Built to the same high quality standards as the rest of the SEEBURG range, the newly developed F-Series is intended for permanent installations in theatres, clubs, arenas and cinemas.
Other SEEBURG products particularly suited to installations include the A4, A6, A8 (Atelier-Serie), K Sub 1801, K Sub 1502 (K-Serie)