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Am Mittwoch, den 20. März 2024 ist es wieder soweit!

01.2024 ISE 2024 Barcelona

ISE 2024 Barcelona

Integrated Systems Europe, the world's leading trade fair for AV and system integration,
will take place in Barcelona from January 30 to February 2, 2024.

We will be there and look forward to welcoming many visitors to our stand: 7K 150

With our invitation code C6RR0TBJ admission to ISE is free of charge on all four days!

Redeemable on the official ISE website

12.2023 Christmas 2023

Merry Xmas

Thank you very much for the good and trusting cooperation.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024.

Our company will be closed from December 23rd, 2023 to January 1st, 2024.

We will be back on January 2nd to our usual office hours.

10.2023 13. Hausmesse 2023

Wir laden ein

zur 24. SEEBURG HAUSMESSE am 13. 11. 2023

08.2023 Huss Expo 2023

Wir sind dabei!

Huss Expo 2023

03.2023 SEEBURG DEMOTAG 26. April 2023


April 26, 2023

Liebe SEEBURG User und Interessenten,

auf vielfachen Wunsch der SEEBURG Anwender haben wir wieder im Frankfurter Raum einen Demotag organisiert.

Am Mittwoch, den 26. April 2023 sind wir bei der Firma FREAKSOUND GmbH zu Gast.

Die neuesten Lautsprechersysteme können probegehört werden und es wird genügend

Zeit bleiben für Fachgespräche und Produktschulungen.

Wir freuen uns auf Euer Kommen!


  • C15 / C30
    Constant Curvature Linearray. Kurze Einführung und erste Soundchecks.

    Mit dieser neu entwickelten Software können unsere selfpowered Systeme nicht nur gesteuert, sondern auch “Audio over Ethernet” nach AES 67 übertragen werden.

  • iBeam
    Modulares Beamsteering System der Oberklasse. Probehören und kurze Einführung in die Software.

  • PS 1 / PS Sub
    Point Source Hornsystem mit 2 x 12” /
    2 x 6,5” / 1.4” Bestückung.
    21” Hochleistungs-Subwoofer

  • S 3 / S 5 / S 10 / S 20
    High Class DSP Endstufen der neuesten Generation.

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Wed, April 26, 2023
13:00 - 18:00
Am Germanenring 1
63486 Bruchköbel

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Um besser planen zu können,
würden wir uns über eine Anmeldung freuen.


01.2023 ISE 2023-Barcelona

ISE 2023-Barcelona

12.2022 Christmas 2022

Merry Xmas 2022

A year full of challenges is coming to an end.

Thank you very much
for the good and trusting cooperation.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023.

Our company will be closed from December 24th, 2022 to January 1st, 2022.
We will be back on January 2nd to our usual office hours.

10.2022 Hausmesse 2022

Wir laden ein!

zur 23. SEEBURG Hausmesse am 14.11.2022

Lautsprecher hautnah erleben, mit dem SEEBURG-Team sprechen und
Erfahrungen mit Kollegen austauschen –
damit wird unsere jährliche Hausmesse
wieder zu einer Veranstaltung, auf die man sich freuen kann.

Unsere Highlights im Überblick:

  • Audioübertragung mittels AES 67 basierend auf dem SEEBURG Network Manager.
    Vortrag über die Systemvoraussetzungen und Grundlagen - Praktische Anwendung
  • Produktvorstellung C 15 und C 30: Das neue "Constant Curvature Line Array"
    schließt die Lücke zwischen Point Source Systemen und Line Arrays

  • Produktvorstellung S 3, S 5, S 10 und S 20:

  • Vier hochmoderne 4-Kanal Systemendstufen mit großem Touch-Panel
    in den Leistungsklassen 4 x 600 W bis 4 x 4800 W

  • PS 1 / PS Sub: Hochleistungs 2 x 12” / 2 x 6,5” / 1.4” Horntop mit 21” Subwoofer

  • GL 16 Sub: 3 x 6,5" Subwoofer-Erweiterung für GL-Systeme

  • iBeam: Beamsteering Lautsprecherzeilen mit vielen interessanten Features.
    Einblick in die Software - Praktische Anwendung

  • Einblick in unsere neuesten Entwicklungs-Studien: 
    i 3 dp - Selfpowered Kleinlautsprecher mit Dante und PoE,
    F 4 und F 6-Fullrange Installationslautsprecher

Montag, 14.11.2022, ab 10 Uhr
Gemütliches Get Together ab 19 Uhr

SEEBURG acoustic line
Auweg 32
89250 Senden-Freudenegg

Unser Team freut sich auf Ihren Besuch!

Melden Sie sich jetzt bequem über unser Online-Anmeldeformular an.

- - > zur Anmeldung

08.2022 HUSS EXPO 2022

Wir sind dabei!

Huss Expo 2022!

07.2022 AES 67

Now - AES 67 compatible!

There's a new update available for the selfpowered (dp) SEEBURG loudspeakers which already have a built-in Ethernet connection. This enables "audio over ethernet" by the use of the AES 67 protocol. The assignment of audio streams is being done with the new SEEBURG Network Manager. This feature will gradually be integrated to all selfpowered SEEBURG speakers with future product updates.

03.2022 SEEBURG DEMO DAY-Frankfurt


April 27, 2022

After 30 years of exhibiting at the Musikmesse/Prolight & Sound,

we decided to go new ways this year.

Besides our annual in-house exhibition, we want to focus on demo days, social media and video portals.

On Wednesday, April 27, 2022 we will hold a SEEBURG DEMO DAY at FREAKSOUND GmbH in Bruchköbel
(close to Frankfurt).

All new products will be displayed and demonstrated. Our team will be at site to answer all questions.


  • iBeam
    Modular top-of-the-range beamsteering system
  • S-Series S 3 / S 5 / S 10 / S 20
    Brand new 4-channel DSP amplifiers
  • G Sub 1201 dp ++ / G Sub 1501 dp ++
    The new stereo subwoofers
  • TriSource
    Fullrange Display-loudspeakers for highest demands
  • PS 1 / PS Sub
    High Impact Point Source with 2 x 12“ / 2 x 6,5“ / 1,4“ drivers

Pre-registration isn't necessary, but some feedback would be helpful for planning.

We're looking forward to your visit!

- - - - - -  - - - - - -  - - - - -  - - - - - -
Wednesday, 27. April 2022
13:00 - 17:30 h
Am Germanenring 1
63486 Bruchköbel

03.2022 61. Bühnentechnische Tagung 2022

61. Bühnentechnische Tagung

June 29-30, 2022, Messe Ulm

The stage technology conference has established itself as a meeting place for all players from the major sectors of stage and technology,

to which trade visitors from the fields of technology and art are invited in front of and behind the stage.

We will also be there and look forward to many visitors at our booth no. 27.

>> BTT 2022

12.2021 Christmas 2021

Merry Xmas 2021

We wish you a Merry Xmas and a happy new year 2022.

Our company will be closed from December 24th, 2021 to January 2nd, 2022.

We will be back on January 3rd to our usual office hours.

10.2021 22. SEEBURG Hausmesse 2021

Wir laden ein!

Nach einer viel zu langen Pause findet am Montag den 15.11.2021 unsere 22. SEEBURG Hausmesse statt.
Wir waren in der Zwischenzeit fleißig und haben viele spannende Neuigkeiten vorbereitet!



  • Vier hochmoderne 4-Kanal
    in den Leistungsklassen
    4 x 600 W bis 4 x 4800 W
  • PS 1 / PS Sub: Hochleistungs 2 x 12” /
    2 x 6,5” / 1.4” Horntop mit 21” Subwoofer
  • GL 16 Sub: 3 x 6,5" Subwoofer-Erweiterung für GL-Systeme
  • iBeam: Beamsteering Lautsprecherzeilen mit vielen interessanten Features
  • Einblick in unsere neuesten Entwicklungs-Studien: Selfpowered Kleinlautsprecher mit Dante und PoE, Constant Curved Array mit 30° und 15° Abstrahlwinkel und 2 x 10” /
    3 x 1” Bestückung

Melden Sie sich jetzt bequem über unser Online-Anmeldeformular an.

Unser Team freut sich auf Ihren Besuch!

- - > zur Anmeldung

08.2021 1st iBeam Operator Seminar

1st iBeam Operator Seminar

on August 30, 2021

To prepare our users for real-life applications, we now offer in-house iBeam Operator seminars. The seminars cover basic principles and the use of the iBeam Software. In the practical part of the seminar, the theory is implemented with

reference to a number of practical applications. All participants receive a "Certified iBeam Operator" certificate on conclusion of the seminar which serves as conformation of his or her ability to professionally install and operate iBeam systems correctly.

The cost of the seminar is €300.00 per company, which can be offset against the cost of purchase of an iBeam system.

Registration for the seminar:
Due to the restrictions relating to the CoViD 19 Pandemic, the number of participants per seminar is restricted to 20 persons. Therefore, we require participants to register in advance. When we have received your application to participate you will receive a confirmation with all the pertinant details for your seminar.

>> Registration
>> Datasheet iBeam (pdf)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
1st iBeam Operator Seminar:
August 30, 2021, Mo, 10:00 - 16:00
SEEBURG acoustic line, Auweg 32, 89250 Senden-Freudenegg


06.2021 SEEBURG Network Manager

The new SEEBURG Network Manager

This newly developed Software is now available to download.
All dp models in the X-series and the TriSource system can now be controlled via network. Further systems to follow.

12.2020 Christmas 2020

Merry Xmas 2020

04.2020 Corona-Info

Despite Corona

we're behind you all the way!

Dear clients, business partners and friends,
the Corona crises poses new challenges for all of us, in business and in our private lives.We are doing everything in our

power to maintain our customer service and production capacity, and keep up deliveries as planned. Our staff remain available for consultation and can be contacted via the usual telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.
We wish you all good health and all the best in these difficult times.

12.2019 Christmas 2019

Merry Xmas 2019

10.2019 21. SEEBURG Hausmesse 2019

Wir laden ein:

zur 21. SEEBURG Hausmesse am 18.11.2019

Lautsprecher hautnah erleben, mit dem SEEBURG-Team sprechen und Erfahrungen mit Kollegen austauschen -

damit wird unsere jährliche Hausmesse wieder zu einer Veranstaltung, auf die man sich freuen kann.

Neu vorgestellt wird die selfpowered “dp” Variante der aus fünf Modellen bestehenden X-Serie.
Hierbei kommen die neue DSP Plattform und hochmoderne digitale Verstärkermodule zum Einsatz.
Auch bei den Subwoofern hat sich etwas getan:
Neben den 18” Subwoofern G Sub 1801 und G Sub 1802 werden die Stereomodelle G Sub 1201 dp++ und G Sub 1501 dp++ vorgestellt. Diese basieren auf den entsprechenden 2-Kanal Versionen G Sub 1201 dp+ und G Sub 1501 dp+. Das Galeo C Linearray wird dieses Jahr erstmals als Komplettsystem zu hören und zu sehen sein. Im Rahmen des Vortragprogramms werden Details und Hintergründe der Technik erklärt.

• X-Serie in der selfpowered “dp” Variante
• Neue Subwoofer:
G Sub 1801 und G Sub 1802
• Stereomodelle:
G Sub 1201 dp++ und G Sub 1501 dp++
• A 2 und A 2 dp HiMid System
• TriSonus 10 und TriSonus 10 dp
Montag, 18.11.2019, ab 10 Uhr


SEEBURG acoustic line
Auweg 32
89250 Senden-Freudenegg

Unser Team freut sich auf Ihren Besuch!

10.2019 HUSS Expo 2019

HUSS Expo 2019

04.2019 Galeo C Roadshow 2019

GALEO C on Tour

Roadshow 2019

04.2019 Prolight+Sound 2019

Prolight+Sound 2019

12.2018 Christmas 2018

Merry Xmas 2018

10.2018 Hausmesse 19.11.2018


to the 20th SEEBURG In-House Exhibition
on the 19th November, 2018

Our team is looking forward to seeing you!

A little preview
-> In-house exhibition video 2017

05.2018 ETHA Partnertreffen 2018

Wir sind dabei!

Herzliche Einladung zum ETHA Partnertreffen 2018!

Am 6. und 7. Juni 2018 in der Festhalle Urspringen.

12.2017 Christmas 2017

Merry Xmas 2017

10.2017 Hausmesse 2017 Einladung


on the 20th November, 2017

Discover new loudspeaker systems, talk about them with the SEEBURG team, and swap stories of your experiences with colleagues - our annual in-house exhibition is once again an event to look forward to.

We will be presenting the new K 20 system and the first prototypes of the multi-functional X-series. In addition, presentations on "The new X-series - preview" and "Audio networks with DANTE", and the workshop "HDLM 8 and DSP 2.6 in practice".

The band "DIE GUTEN" will bring the Galeo S line array to life in the evening.

Our team is looking forward to seeing you!

10.2017 Rock Shop Pro Audio Tage 2017

Rock Shop
Pro Audio Tage

Wir sind dabei - mit Galeo S, K 20, A 3, GL 24!

Nach den großen Erfolgen in den beiden vergangenen Jahren finden auch in diesem Jahr am 24. und 25.10. von 12 - 18 Uhr wieder die Rock Shop Pro Audio Tage statt. Diese Veranstaltung hat sich mittlerweile zu einem „Pflichtprogramm“ für professionelle Anwender aus dem Bereich der Veranstaltungstechnik entwickelt.

Im firmeneigenen Crystal Ballroom bieten wir an diesen beiden Tagen wieder allen professionellen Anwendern die Möglichkeit, sich entspannt und detailliert über aktuelle Produkte und Entwicklungen im Bereich „advanced sound reinforcement“ zu informieren. Über 30 namhafte Hersteller zeigen innovative Ausschnitte aus Ihrem Sortiment.

Daneben finden zahlreiche hochinteressante Workshops rund um diesen Themenbereich statt.

Der Eintritt zu den Rock Shop Pro Audio Tagen 2017 und den Workshops ist frei.

Die genaue Übersicht der Aussteller und Workshops gibt es hier: link Programm

24. - 25. 10. 2017, 12 Uhr - 18 Uhr
Rock Shop GmbH · Am Sandfeld 21 ·
76149 Karlsruhe


05.2017 ETHA Partnertreffen 2017

Wir sind dabei!

Herzliche Einladung zum ETHA Partnertreffen 2017!

Am 17. und 18. Mai 2017 in der Schloßparkhalle Urspringen.

04.2017 Huss Licht & Ton OPEN DAYS 2017

Wir sind dabei!

Ein Branchentreff mit vielen Highlights.

Huss Licht & Ton lädt am 25. und 26. April 2017 zu den Open Days in Langenau ein.

Wir sind dabei und präsentieren auf der Sound-Demo Stage unsere Systeme
Galeo S und K 24:
• 25.04. 14:00-15:30 Uhr + 17:45-19:15 Uhr
• 26.04. 12:00-13:30 Uhr + 15:30-17:00 Uhr

Ein Branchentreff mit vielen Highlights:

  • Hausmesse mit über 30 Aussteller
  • Workshops & Hands-On Sessions
  • Sound-Demo Stage
  • Hochwertige Gewinne am Action Wheel
  • Großer Schnäppchenmarkt
  • Get Together mit Live Musik und Cocktailbar

Dienstag, 25. 04. 2017 von 13.00 - 20.00 Uhr
Get Together:
Dienstag, 25. 04. 2017 von 20.00 - 00.00 Uhr
Mittwoch, 26. 04. 2017 von 10.00 - 17.00 Uhr

Huss Licht & Ton GmbH & Co. KG
Carl-Zeiss-Straße 6
89129 Langenau (bei Ulm - direkt am Autobahnkreuz der A7 / A8)

12.2016 Christmas 2016

Merry Xmas 2016

12.2016 Galeo S / Galeo T Demo Day in Vienna

Galeo S / Galeo T

DEMO DAY in Vienna

When: Tuesday, 31.01.2017
Where: ALC Eventsolutions GmbH, Kammelweg 11, 1210 Wien
Who: RTC Sound & Light KG
System: Galeo T, Galeo S, Hoellstern Amps

RTC Sound & Light, our distributor for Austria, in co-operation with ALC Eventsolution, will be presenting a Demo Day on Teusday the 31st. January, 2017. The systems Galeo S and Galeo T will be available for a close-up look and listen.

11.2016 Galeo S / Galeo T Demotag

Galeo S / Galeo T

DEMO DAY in Munich

Wo: Kulturzentrum Backstage München im Werk, Reitknechtstr. 6, 80639 München
Wann: 5.12. 2016, 15:00 Uhr bis 19:00 Uhr

Im “Werk” des Kulturzentrums Backstage in München veranstalten wir am Montag, den 5.12.16 einen Demotag,
an dem die neuen Systeme Galeo S und Galeo T zu sehen und zu hören sein werden.

Zusätzlich wird das neue System A 3 (2 x 8”/ 1”) in Kombination mit G Sub 1501 dp als kleine Club-PA vorgestellt.

Neben ausführlichen Hörtests und Informationen über die Systeme hat der Besucher die Möglichkeit, auch die Flugmechanik und das Zubehör kennenzulernen.

10.2016 In House Exhibition 2016

come and visit us

at the 18th SEEBURG in house exhibition on the 21st November 2016

Die diesjährige SEEBURG Hausmesse findet am Montag, den 21. November statt. Neben Produktpräsentationen bilden auch dieses Jahr wieder Fachvorträge den Schwerpunkt der mittlerweile 18. Veranstaltung dieser Art. Lautsprecher hautnah erleben, mit dem Seeburg-Team sprechen und Erfahrungen mit Kollegen austauschen - damit wird die Veranstaltung zum vom Fachpublikum geschätzten Branchentreffen.

05.2016 ETHA Partnertreffen 2016

Wir sind mit dabei!

Herzliche Einladung zum ETHA Partnertreffen 2016!

Am 10. und 11. Mai 2016 in der Schloßparkhalle Urspringen.

Nach dem großen Erfolg unserer Galeo S und Galeo T Roadshow, bietet sich auf dem ETHA Partnertreffen 2016
die Möglichkeit das Galeo S System ausgiebig zu testen.

Folgende Anlagenkonfiguration wird zu sehen und zu hören sein:
2 x 8 Galeo S, 2 x 4 Galeo S Sub


03.2016 Galeo S / Galeo T Roadshow-Tourdaten

Galeo S / Galeo T . . . on tour

New roadshow tour dates:

22.03.2016 63165 Mühlheim am Main, Mühlheimer Bürgerhaus, Dietesheimer Straße 90
13.04.2016 10317 Berlin, Max-Taut-Schule / Aula, Fischerstraße 36

An invitation to all current and potential future SEEBURG users !

Following the great success of our first Galeo S and Galeo T roadshow series, we are presenting further dates for you to test and listen to these impressive line array systems. After extensive listening tests, we will be presenting workshops demonstrating the possibilities of the innovative flying system.

You will be able to experience the following system configurations:
2 x 6 Galeo T
2 x 4 Galeo T Sub
2 x 8 Galeo S
2 x 4 Galeo S Sub

The events start at 14.00
and finish at approximately 18.00.


To help us organise the event, please send us notification

that  you will be attending by e-mail to :

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Winfried Seeburg

02.2016 Roadshow 02-2016

Galeo S / Galeo T . . . on tour

Roadshow 02-2016

An invitation to all current and potential future SEEBURG users !

Galeo S and Galeo T series are presenting for you to test and listen. After extensive listening tests, we will be

presenting workshops demonstrating the possibilities of the innovative flying system.

The events start at 14.00 and finish at approximately 18.00.

To help us organise the event, please send us notification
that you will be attending by e-mail to:

Tour dates:

22.02.2016 50126 Bergheim, Medio, Konrad Adenauer Platz 1

23.02.2016 49565 Bramsche, Vorbereitungshalle Welzel Anlagen, Vördener Str. 105

24.02.2016 22767 Hamburg, Grünspan, Große Freiheit 58

25.02.2016 18059 Rostock, LT-Club Studio 1, Tiergartenallee 1-2

26.02.2016 04758 Oschatz, Stadthalle Thomas-Müntzer-Haus, Altmarkt 17

Wir freuen uns auf Ihr Kommen!
Winfried Seeburg

12.2015 Christmas 2015

Merry Xmas 2015

11.2015 Hausmesse 2015

Successful 17th SEEBURG

in-house exhibition on the 16th November 2015

Our well attended annual in-house exhibition was a resounding success.
Workshops, seminars and produkt presentations were the focus of the 17th SEEBURG in-house exhibition.

The presentations featured the new line arrays Galeo S and Galeo T, which complement and complete the existing product range. A high point was the 3D Audio Presentation in co-operation with the Fraunhofer Institut Ilmenau and Salzbrenner-Stagetec. Allen & Heath exhibited the new Qu-24, GLD 80 and dLive consoles.

Many thanks to all our visitors and users for the successful day.

The team (from left to right): Winfried Seeburg, Brigitte Baur, Felix Wapelhorst, Michael Becker, Alexander Schmidt, Ralf Nuhn, Stefan Grüner, Iris Hoffmann und Thomas Henkel

10.2015 Einladung Hausmesse 2015

Come and visit us:

at the 17th SEEBURG in house exhibition on the 16th November 2015

Workshops, Seminare und Produktpräsentationen bilden den Schwerpunkt der 17. SEEBURG-Hausmesse.
Vorgestellt werden die neuen Linearrays Galeo S und Galeo T, die das bestehende Programm vervollständigen.
In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Fraunhofer Institut Ilmenau und der Firma Salzbrenner-Stagetec wird eine 3D Audio Präsentation zu sehen und zu hören sein.
Die Firma Allen & Heath stellt die neuen Qu-24, GLD 80 und dLive Pulte aus.

Eingeladen sind Fachbesucher aus den Bereichen Veranstaltungstechnik, dem AV-und Multimediabereich und der Festinstallation.

04.2015 prolight+sound 2015

prolight+sound 2015

15.04. - 18.04.2015

The SEEBURG stand at the prolight+sound 2015 trade fair featured the new Galeo line array models:
The Galeo S (2 x 6.5" / 1.4") is intended for low to medium sound level applications. The system offers a maxium splay angle of 16°, and interchangeable AMR reflectors allow for horizontal coverage of 100° or 70°.
The Galeo T has been developed for large scale sound reinforcement. The cabinet is fitted with 2 x 12", 4 x 6.5" und 2 x 1.4" drivers. (pic.4).

In addition, the K Sub 1502 was presented as the successor to the B 1502.
Also available in the self powered dp version with a 2500 W amplifier.
GL 8i and GL 8c: expansion modules for the GL series. Particularly suited to permanent installations. Available in a 2 way active version, or a passive version with integrated crossover. (pic.7)
GL 24j: a special version of the GL 24 intended for installations demanding a greater flying height.
The i5: 5" coaxial loudspeaker specially developed for near field applications. The cradle is included as standard. (pic.9)

Our team on the stand (left to right)
Andreas Ordon, Ralf Nuhn, Alina Neubauer, Stefan Grüner, Felix Wapelhorst, Alexander Schmidt, Daniel Stämmler, Thomas Henkel, Winfried Seeburg

12.2014 Christmas 2014

Merry Xmas 2014

11.2014 in-house exhibition 2014

16th SEEBURG in-house exhibition

on the 10th November 2014

11.2014 in-house exhibition 2014

Come and visit us

at the 16th. SEEBURG acoustic line in house exhibition
on the 10th. November 2014

03.2014 prolight+sound 2014

prolight+sound 2014


At this year’s prolight+sound exhibition the new DSP 2.6 controller was presented.

The DSP 2.6 combines a high quality 2-in / 6-out loudspeaker management with a system connection panel including all necessary in- and outputs, thus making the configuration of a professional amprack very simple. The two low-noise analog inputs are designed with electronically simulated isolation transformers. For programming, a special audio file is used, which can be generated on the Seeburg website with “LPI” (Loudspeaker Programming Interface).

Another new product is the K Sub 1801 dp. The K Sub 1801 dp is a compact highpower subwoofer for universal use in the frequency range of 32 Hz to 220 Hz. The classic bass reflex design with streamlined ports leads to a exceptional precise and deep bass response with medium throw. The built in DSP controlled amplifiers have a total of 5.5 kW and can power a second, passive K Sub as well.

Picture 3:
For programming of the DSP 2.6 controller, a special audio file is used, which can be generated on the Seeburg website with “LPI” (Loudspeaker Programming Interface).

Picture 4:
The Seeburg crew at the prolight+sound in Frankfurt (from left to right):
Ralf Nuhn, Thomas Henkel, Felix Wapelhorst, Alina Neubauer, Michael Becker, Winfried Seeburg, Stefan Lenke, Alexander Schmidt, Andreas Ordon, Daniel Stämmler.

03.2014 employees

New Sales Representative

Ralf Nuhn

As of the 1.3.2014, Ralf Nuhn will join the SEEBURG acoustic line team as sales representative for the Post code regions 4 to 7. He joins the long serving SEEBURG representative Thomas Henkel, who will be concentrating on the regions 0 to

3, 8 and 9. With over 25 years experience as an audio engineer both in live sound reinforcement and in studio technology, Ralf Nuhn is well qualified to advise and provide support for system suppliers, rental companies and end users in the developement of their projects.

11.2013 in-house exhibition 2013

15th SEEBURG in-house exhibition

18th November 2013

The 15th SEEBURG in-house-exhibition took place on Monday, 18th November 2013.

Customers and trade visitors from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands came to see our latest products and to visit the workshops.

Daniel Stämmler held a lecture about the origin and the prevention of hum, buzz and other noises.

Winfried Seeburg showed a slide-show with pictures of the history of the company.

New products:

  • The DSP 2.6 is a 2 in 6 digital controller with integrated connection panel, thus making the configuration of a system amprack very simple.
  • The K Sub 1801 is the successor of the B 1801 which will be discontinued. While it has the same overall dimensions, its frequency range starts already at 35 Hz.
  • The selfpowered K 24 dp contains the DPLM DSP platform. This powerful but compact top is powered by highly effective 2400 W and 700 W amplifiers, whilst weighing only 34 kg.

04.2013 prolight+sound 2013

prolight+sound 2013

10.04. - 13.04.2013

This year, again, the SEEBURG booth at the prolight+sound 2013 in Frankfurt was very well-frequented.

The new K 24 (2 x 12” / 1 x 1.4” high performance top) was shown for the first time.

The HDLM 8 controller MKII will be available from June on. It has a larger color display, 4 analog inputs, 4 digital inputs and 8 analog outputs. Remote control Apps for all smartphones are available.

Even the smallest new loudspeaker attracted lots of attention: The i 4 with only 10 x 10 x 11 cm was developed especially for nearfield applications.

Picture 1:
SEEBURG crew (from left to right): Daniel Stämmler, Ralf Nuhn, Johannes Kloas, Winfried Seeburg, Felix Wapelhorst, Michael Möhlke, Roberto Wehner, Thomas Henkel und Andreas Ordon.

01.2013 ISE Europe 2013

ISE Europe 2013

29.01. - 31.01.2013

The ISE Europe took place from 29.01. to 31.01.2013 in Amsterdam. At our booth we presented new variants of the

11.2012 in-house exhibition 2012

14th SEEBURG in-house exhibition

19th November 2012

The 14th in-house-exhibition at SEEBURG acoustic line took place on November 19, 2012. Over 150 visitors from

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and Sweden came to see the latest product news like the new high-power top K 24, the successor of the K 2 and the new L-Series speakers.

2 Workshops demonstrated the capabilities of the L-series speakers in a room with 40 m length, and seeburg sales

Manager Thomas Henkel gave a lecture on microphone techniques.

The guests also enjoyed a tour of the production facilities and the R&D facilities.

03.2012 prolight+sound 2012

prolight+sound 2012

21.03. - 24.03.2012

At this year’s prolight & sound exhibition in Frankfurt, our booth again was well-frequented, resulting in plenty of new

contacts and interesting discussions.

The first models of the new L-Series have been presented, which was designed for sophisticated applications in acoustically problematic rooms. A set of 2 x L16j and 2 x G Sub 1201 was demonstrated to show the advantages of the technology used in the L-Series.

The new high-performance top speaker K 24 could be seen in a slide show: The 2 x 12” / 1.4” system produces a peak SPL of over 140 dB, is very compact and only weighs 31 kg including the built-in flying hardware.

Picture 4:
The SEEBURG crew (from left to right): Felix Wapelhorst, Thomas Henkel, Roberto Wehner, Alina Neubauer, Andreas Ordon, Michael Becker and Winfried Seeburg. Not in the picture: Michael Möhlke, Stefan Ost and Frank Uhlig.

01.2012 ISE Europe 2012

ISE Europe 2012

31.01. - 02.02.2012

At the ISE 2012 in Amsterdam, we presented the first models of the new L-Series speakers, to meet the growing

demand for ultra-slim and descreet loudspeakers for applications in rooms with difficult to handle acoustics.

The L-Series comprises of six different models, differing in length and curving, which can be combined at will to meet a great number of possible applications.

The use of waveguides optimizes the horizontal dispersion as well as the coupling of the 3” speakers. The L-Series is especially suited for use in churches, auditoriums and theatres, where descreet and highly efficient loudspeekers for speech- and music transmission with homogeneous dispersion and long throw are needed.

Special thanks to our dutch distributor Total Sonic for their friendly support.

11.2011 in-house exhibition 2011

13th SEEBURG in-house exhibition

on the 14th November 2011

The 13th in-house-exhibition at SEEBURG acoustic line took place on November 14.

The main content was the presentation of new products, seminars and good talks with the customers. The guests also enjoyed a tour of our production facilities and the R&D department.

Bild 1: Demonstration of the Line-Arrays GALEO XT, GALEO, G 3, GL 24, GL 16 and the L 16 j.

Bild 2: Johannes Kloas gave a lecture on the construction of two impedance pipes (“Kundtsches Rohr”) for measuring of the acoustic absorption of different materials. Winfried Seeburg explained the basics and strategy of the development of the L-Series column speakers. Michael Möhlke conducted a workshop about using the HDLM 8 controller, by taking the example of the K 24 (2 x 12” / 1.4”) prototype.

Bild 3: The new column loudspeaker L 16 j in combination with the 12” subwoofers G Sub 1201.

Bild 4: From left to right: Felix Wapelhorst, Iris Hoffmann and Sascha Fürstler (RTC, Österreich).

04.2011 prolight+sound 2011

prolight+sound 2011

06.04. - 09.04.2011

The 20th attendance of SEEBURG at the Prolight & Sound exhibition resulted in plenty of new contacts and interesting


New variants of the GL Systems have been presented, like the GL Sub which can be used in combination with GL 16 as a “powered speaker stand”.

The new G Sub 1201 has an elegant design and is especially suited for applications which require an unobtrusive appearance.

The HDLM 8 (High Definition Loudspeaker Management) now is available with ADAT interface, enabling the use of all 8 input channels with the “Full Version” of the controller.

The new M 1 monitor is the 12” version of the M 3, a high end coaxial monitor with low profile.

Picture 8:
The SEEBURG Crew (from left to right): Andreas Ordon, Stefan Ost, Roberto Wehner, Daniel Stämmler, Michael Becker, Dirk Speth, Winfried Seeburg, Alina Neubauer, Felix Wapelhorst und Thomas Henkel.

02.2011 ISE Europe 2011

ISE Europe 2011

01.02. - 03.02.2011

The ISE Integrated Systems Europe 2011 in Amsterdam again was very successful for SEEBURG.

New variants of the GL systems have been presented, like the GL Sub which can be used in combination with GL 16 as a “powered speaker stand”.

The HDLM 8 now is available with ADAT interface, enabling the use of all 8 input channels with the “Full Version” of the controller.

New international contacts and a lot of good talks with customers made the appearance at the ISE a good supplement to the Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt.

Special thanks to our dutch distributor Total Sonic for their friendly support.

11.2010 in-house exhibition 2010

12th SEEBURG in-house exhibition

15th November 2010

The 12th SEEBURG in-house-exhibition took place on Monday, November 15, 2010.

Customers and trade visitors came to see our latest products and to visit the workshops.

Thomas Henkel presented the demonstration of the GL 24, G 3 and G Sub, GALEO and GALEO XT.

Rene Rodigast
(Frauenhofer Institut) held the workshop “Introduction to the Spatial PAN System - new paths in Sound Design for event technology”.

R&D engineer Daniel Stämmler explained the technology of the HDLM 8 (High Definition Loudspeaker Management) and demonstrated the integration of the HDLM 8 into a network and the use of the digital ADAT inputs.

Marco Kraft (JVC) demonstrated the latest generation of Full-HD TV-Cameras.

In the evening, the band “Blue Lounge” performed relaxing live music.

Bild 1: The SEEBURG-Crew: Felix Wapelhorst, Roberto Wehner, Brigitte Bauer, Michael Becker,
Iris Hoffmann and Thomas Henkel.

Bild 9: Rene Rodigast (left) and Winfried Seeburg (right) in front of a prototype of the planar radiator GP 108.

Over 100 guests from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other european countries showed that there is not only interest in information on the products but also in the cultivation of contacts with other people of our industry.

03.2010 prolight+sound 2010

prolight+sound 2010

24.03. - 27.03.2010

Five new and innovative products and the presentation of the new company logo were the focal points of our 19th

attendance at the prolight+sound in Frankfurt.

Out aim was make it simpler, clearer and more grown-up - our new company logo. It comprises the well-established SEEBURG lettering combined with the now smaller and very discreet “acoustic line” addition. In the long term, all products will bear the new logo, both logos being used simultaneously during the transitional phase.

The design of the stand has also been changed. It has become more open and inviting thanks to the large backlit cube.

Daniel Stämmler explained in detail the HDLM 8, the new Loudspeaker Management System, which is controlled by a Linux operating system. During development we attached particular importance to incorporating two analogue inputs (eight digital inputs) and eight analogue outputs. The remote software is web-based, with multi-client capability and a high resolution colour display also coming as standard features. The HDLM8 can be upgraded with functional modules and offers the possibility of using EIA-485 controlled loudspeaker systems (e.g. GL 16/remote) to drive them and to monitor their function.

The GL 24 System was developed as a “Curved Cylindric Wave Radiator” especially for acoustically problematic rooms, and featuring a 100 x 20 degree coverage, it is suitable for both individual installation and for upgrading GL16i systems. The system, which is equipped with 24 1” HF drivers and six 6.5” low-mid drivers, is also available in the selfpowered dp-variant as a remote version, meaning that it can also be adequately integrated as line-array monitored loudspeaker or combined with a media controller system.

With the ultra-flat stage monitor M3, we have responded to the request of a large number of sound engineers for a powerful and attractive looking low-profile monitor. The new M3 weighs a mere 19 kg, and that includes the amplifier with 2kW (peak). A passive version is also available. Being just under 31cm high, the M3 is one of the flattest monitors in its class. Heart of the system is a 15”/1.4” coaxial loudspeaker with a large spherical wave horn. All connections are easily accessible and positioned on the front, and a grip is located on each side. The selfpowered variant includes four practice-oriented presets as standard. Two M10 points for mounting the optionally available tilt/pivot bar are also featured. The system will be follewed in the early summer of 2010 by a 12” version termed M1 featuring the same performance data.

The new sound system G3, which is designed to close the gap between classic horn-loaded top-mounted systems and medium-sized line arrays, drew a great deal of attention amongst visitors. The GALEO-based G3 system comprises three 1.4” drivers and six 8” low-mid drivers. By simply interchanging the two horn halves located on the front, horizontal coverage can be increased from 80 degrees to 120 degrees.

The G Sub is a universal 18” subwoofer with a peak power output rating exceeding 5kW, high acoustical output and low distortion. Low tuning frequency permits the reproduction of deep tones starting from 35 Hz.

All newly presented systems are available both in selfpowered (at SEEBURG they are known as “dp” which stands for digitally powered) and in passive version.

Exhibition Crew (from left to right): Dirk Speth, Daniel Stämmler, Frank Uhlig, Michael Becker, Stefan Ost, Fabian Vuine, Andreas Ordon, Roberto Wehner, Angelika Weigel, Felix Wapelhorst, Thomas Henkel.

11.2009 in-house exhibition 2009

11th SEEBURG in-house exhibition

16th November 2009

Within the framework of our 11th in-house exhibition many new products were presented to the public for the first time.

Around 150 trade visitors from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland turned up to get information on our company’s latest developments.

In addition to impressive demonstrations of the new GL 24, G 3 / G Sub and also the GALEO and GALEO XT systems, which have already been on the market for some years now, the agenda included two lectures.

Fabian Vuine (developer at Seeburg) and Rene Rodigast (Frauenhofer Institut) gave lectures on the subject of the spatial directivity of loudspeakers and their effect, based on the results of an acoustics test at the Bregenzer Seebühne and a practical test carried out inside an in-house reverberation room.

Daniel Stämmler and Winfried Seeburg presented the new HDLM 8, a loudspeaker management system that offers a wide-ranging scope of possibilities.

Visitors were also particularly impressed with the new M 3, which with a height of just under 31 cm is one of the flattest monitors in its class.

04.2009 prolight+sound 2009

prolight+sound 2009

01.04. - 04.04.2009

This year, during our 18th attendance at the prolight+sound in Frankfurt, we once again presented new and innovative

products which have been added to our comprehensive range.

GL 16 is a line array system suitable for concert halls, offering optimised speech and music reproduction in acoustically difficult conditions and, depending on the configuration, it can be used for medium to long throw applications exceeding 50 metres. The systems can be set up individually and – thanks to the preinstalled flight hardware – can be combined into long arrays. Due to the coaxial arrangement of the 16 hornloaded 1“ tweeters and four 6.5“ low-mid drivers, the system is a mere 19 cm in width, rendering it suitable for low-profile applications. GL 16 systems are available with a 100 x 7 degree and a 100 x 30 degree coverage angle. Likewise, self-powered versions with DSP controller and an output of up to 1500 watts per module are also available.

Also being presented for the first time is the HDSC 2.8 , a 1HE system controller featuring two analogue inputs, AES3 digital input, 2x Ethernet, USB and EIA 485 remote interface. In addition to filters with excellent sound qualities, excellent dynamics and a low distortion factor, the HDSC 2.8 is characterised by its web-based user interface. Via the web browser of a PC or MAC it is possible to obtain all user-crucial parameters in real time. Thanks to the multi-client capability several users are able to access the unit simultaneously. The AE83 input receives the audio signal without sound loss from all common digital mixing desks. The HDSC 2.8 features a state-of-the-art, viewing-angle independent colour display. Presets can be stored on a USB stick. Thanks to the integrated real-time clock it is possible to realise time-dependent parameters in permanent installations, for example to influence limiters in discotheques or lower the volume of music in hotels during the night. The Linux-based operation system featured by the HDSC 2.8 can be complemented with function modules and offers the possibility via EIA-485 to operate controlled speaker systems (e.g. GL 16/remote) and to check their functions.

The multifunction speaker system TSM15, which has been on the market since 1997, has been completely revised. Speaker components, set-up angle, fittings and styling have been adapted to meet the latest technological requirements. The TSM 15 MKII can now be ordered with built-in passive/active x-over and is optionally available with either narrow or wide directivity. The dp (= self-powered) version with DSP controller and 2 x 1 kW power amplifier can also be ordered.

TSM 8 is a new state-of-the-art multifunctional 8“/1“ speaker for a broad spectrum of use. It will eventually replace the model TSMini which has been on sale since 1998.

The GALEO XT Sub was developed as an additional bass extension for the GALEO XT large-volume system and was presented at the exhibition for the first time. Two newly conceived 21“ ND long-excursion subwoofers with 70 mm peak to peak deflection and 135 mm voice coil ensure a peak level of the hybrid bass horn of more than 146 dB. Measuring 110 x 107 x 60 cm and weighing substantially less than 100 kg, the GALEO XT Sub is one of the most compact and most lightweight systems in its class.

Our Crew in Frankfurt (from the left to the right): Thomas Henkel, Winfried Seeburg, Stefan Ost, Peter Waldhelm, Frank Uhlig, Felix Wapelhorst, Michael Becker, Angelika Weigel, Dirk Speth, Andreas Ordon.

11.2008 in-house exhibition 2008

10th SEEBURG in-house exhibition

17th November 2008

The annual in-house-exhibition at SEEBURG again was very successful.

Customers from all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands had come to get information on the latest product developments, to attend the seminars and talk to other SEEBURG users.

Some of the product news which will be officially presented on the upcoming ProLight & Sound are:

GALEO XT Sub: 2 x 21“ Subwoofer extension for the GALEO XT system. Newly developed Neodyne speakers with a 135 mm voice coil and a Xmax of 70mm (peak to peak), capable of 145 dB SPL between 35 Hz and 60 Hz. Available in the 2nd quarter of 2009.

TSM15 MKII: The successor of the TSM 15 which is in production since 1997. Newest generation drivers and an optimised cabinet shape make this speaker a perfect allrounder for Monitor and PA applications.

TSM8: The „big brother“ of the legendary TS Mini. Higher output and a rotatable horn.

The main highlight was the presentation of the GL 16 mini line array. 16 pcs waveguided tweeters and 4 pcs of 6.5” woofers placed coaxial behind them make a only 19 cm slim “Cylindric Wave Radiator”. The new system can be used in single units as well as a larger array when combined with more units, capable of surprisingly high SPL whilst very low profile.

In the evening, the band “Miss D and the Jazzcats” from the city of Ulm performed their entertaining mixture of Soul & Funk cover versions.

03.2008 prolight+sound 2008

prolight+sound 2008

12.03. - 15.03.2008

At our 17th attendance at the Prolight & Sound we exhibited many new and innovative products.

The GALEO XT, a large LineArray proved very popular. With its 2 x 15” woofers it can be used as a real fullrange system. 4 x high power 8” speakers and 2 x 1.4” hf drivers supply the mid and high frequencies. The integrated flying hardware does not need any additional ball lock pins.

The GALEO LineArray (2 x 8”/1 x 1.4”), introduced in 2005, underwent small updates. It is now available in a 80° and a 120° version. The horns can be swapped toc change the horizontal coverage. The front grille is now fastened with 4 small neodyme magnets for easy removal.

With the affix dp (= digitally powered), SEEBURG now has developed a series of self powered speakers with digital amplifiers ranging from 1 kW to 3 kW, including a high quality DSP controller. Several presets and gain settings can be switched by the buttons on the backside. At the moment there are 4 powered Tops and 6 different Subwoofers, more will follow.

Just displayed as a prototype, the modular “Mini LineArray” GL 16 i proved to be a real eyecatcher and attracted wide interest. The powered 2-way active system was developed for high quality transmission of voice and music in acoustically difficult Venues. One module of GL 16 i contains 16 pcs 1” tweeters and 4 pcs 6.5” woofers with a cabinet size of only 70.4 x 18.6 x 24.5 cm (l x w x d). By stringing together the various types of modules (i-version straight, c-version slightly curved and j-version with j-curving), LineArrays with low profile but high power can be realized for Theaters, Auditoriums and Concert Hall. Maximum SPL of one module exceeds 125 dB. The GL 16 i will be available in Summer 2008.

The SEEBURG crew (from the left to the right): Thomas Henkel, Stefan Ost, Angelika Weigel, Felix Wapelhorst, Winfried Seeburg, Roger Homrighausen, Andreas Ordon, Frank Uhlig

11.2007 in-house exhibition 2007

9th SEEBURG in-house exhibition

12th November 2007

More than 150 professional visitors attended our 9th in-house exhibition on November 12, 2007.

Our latest contraption, the GALEO XT, was exhibited after 1.5 years of development. It is a Fullrange-Linearray for large scale events.

Each GALEO XT unit contains 2x15” woofers, 4x8” midrange drivers and 2x1.4” hf drivers.

The main focus of the development were the optimum acoustic properties like linear dispersion, maximum SPL and low distortion. Furthermore the hardware was designed for easy use with spring bolts weldered to the fittings to avoid losses.

The new active speakers of the dp-series have been shown as well, they are based on a digital amplifier module with a proprietary developed DSP board.

The power rating ranges from 2 x 500 W to 2 x 1.500 W.

Roger Homrighausen (Seeburg tech. Support) held a semiar about the EASEFOCUS simulation software for the GALEO Line Array.

Udo Stoof (LAB Group distributor) presented the brand new PLM 10000 Q amplifier (4 x 2.700W @ 2.7 Ohm with integrated Dolby Lake controller).

Fabian Vuine (Seeburg R&D Engineer) held a discourse about the development of the GALEO XT.

In the evening the band “Kai Pirinha Combo” hit the stage, playing great cover-versions of Soul- and Jazz-Classics.

The 10th in-house exhibition at SEEBURG acoustic line will be held in autumn 2008.

03.2007 prolight+sound 2007

prolight+sound 2007

28.03. - 31.03.2007

Our 16th participation in the Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt again was very successful.

The booth was well-frequented, displaying the new products like the Galeo Sub and active versions (digitally powered) of our existing products. The newly-developed DSP card can be set for various functions.

Eagerly awaited: The new GALEO Sub dp - a high power subwoofer with 3.000W amping.

The SEEBURG crew (from the left to the right): Thomas Henkel, Andreas Ordon, Michael Becker, Angelika Weigel, Winfried Seeburg, Felix Wapelhorst, Dirk Speth, Roger Homrighausen, Frank Uhlig.

11.2006 in-house exhibition 2006

8th SEEBURG in-house exhibition

20th November 2006

Over 100 qualified visitors from Rental Companies, Contractors and Dealers attended the 8th in-house exhibition at

SEEBURG acoustic line, held on November 20th, 2006 in the factory of SEEBURG.

The seminar program included a lecture of Dr. Michael Makarski about computer aided hornsimulations using the example of the “GALEO XT” project, which is a large Line Array with 2 x 12” / 4 x 6,5” / 4 x 1” drivers.

Also there was enough time to test and compare the speaker systems to illustrate the various fields of applications.

New active speaker systems based on existing models have been presented, as well as the active 2 x 18” GALEO Sub for the GALEO Line Array. The digital amplifier modules are lightweight and small due to their high efficiency, power rating ranges from 2 x 500 to 2 x 1000 Watt EIA.

Compared to the Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt, at the in-house exhibition there was much more time for meeting people and interesting talks.

In the evening, “Holger Jauch & Band” entertained the visitors with their unique original compositions.

05.2006 PALM 2006 - Messe in Peking

PALM 2006 - Messe in Peking

31.05. - 03.06.2006

SEEBURG acoustic line by now is a renowned brand on the chinese market for professional loudspeaker products.

The booth of our distributor Ruisheng Audio & Light Equipment at the PALM 2006 (31.05. - 03.06.2006) was well attended on all days. A seminar about the SEEBURG acoustic line products was held in the nearby Grand Hotel with great response of the visitiors.

03.2006 Prolight+Sound 2006

prolight+sound 2006

29.03. - 01.04.2006

SEEBURG’s 15th attendance at the ProLight & Sound in Frankfurt was a big success again.

Many visitors came to get information about the latest developments as well as the tried and trusted products.

New Products:

B 1502 Subwoofer: 2 x 15“ in High-Performance-Bassreflextechnolgie. Can be combined with the well known K 2 system and many other products like TSM 15, TSM 12 and the like.

TSM 12 dp: Aktivvariante der TSM 12 als Prototyp. Eine 1400 Watt digitale Endstufe mit integriertem DSP schöpft die Leistungsreserven dieser 12“ / 1.4“ Kombination voll aus.

TSMini Sub dp: Aktivvariante des TSMini Sub mit 2 x 500 Watt Endstufenleistung. Nur 21 kg Gewicht dank digitaler Endstufentechnologie.

Polyurea Beschichtung: Ab sofort werden alle Lautsprecherboxen nicht mehr lackiert, sondern mit einer absolut kratzfesten, strapazierfähigen und UV-beständigen Kunststoffschicht überzogen. Damit sind alle Systeme nun auch für den Outdooreinsatz bestenst.

Our crew (from left to right): Thomas Henkel, Angelika Weigel, Winfried Seeburg, Roger Homrighausen, Brigitte Baur, Andreas Ordon, Frank Uhlig, Jörg Schiefke, Michael Becker, Felix Wapelhorst.

11.2005 in-house exhibition 2005

7th SEEBURG in-house exhibition

7th November 2005

About 120 visitors - rental companies, contractors and Pro Audio dealers -

came to the 7th SEEBURG in-house exhibition.

Our in-house exhibition was visited by a great number of technicians and dealers. Compared to the more business oriented Prolight & Sound, there was much more time for interesting talks and to get to know each other. A lot of time was spent in testing and comparing various speaker systems, showing the different application fields of our range of over 40 different cabinets. Due to the great success in the last years, we will organize our next in-house exhibition in fall, 2006, again.

Besides the presentation of our GALEO Line Array and the brand new B1502 (2x15") Subwoofer, two workshops were held in our new seminar room. Karen Irmscher (SDA Ahnert from Berlin) taught about the basics of Line Array simulation using the EASEFOCUS software. Michael Launer (CRESTRON Germany), held a seminar about basics and application of modern media-controller systems.

05.2005 CALM EXPO 2005


The 12th China International Exhibition

of Pro Audio, Light, Music & Technology in Beijing.

The sole distributor for China, Rui Feng Jianye Audio&Light Equipment Co., Ltd. from Gunagzhou, exhibites the SEEBURG acoustic line products at the CALM 2005 with great success.

04.2005 prolight+sound 2005

prolight+sound 2005

06.04. – 09.04.2005

Some impressions of this year’s booth at the Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt.

New Products:

The new GALEO Line Array System was developed to keep up with the rising demands of rental companies and fixed installations. A single GALEO unit can also be used for speech transmission in smaller locations (seminars, fairs).

TSNano: Als kleinster Vertreter der multifunktionalen TS-Serie ist die TSNano in das Programm aufgenommen worden. Das System eignet sich besonders für die hochwertige Übertragung von Sprache und Musik auf kleinen bis mittleren Distanzen.

F 8: Fullrangesystem der Oberklasse mit exakt definiertem Abstrahlverhalten und hoher Reichweite. Das System wurde für Halleninstallationen entwickelt, bei denen keine zusätzlichen Subwoofer vorgesehen sind.

Our crew (from left to right): Andreas Ordon (Freaksound), Angelika Weigel, Michael Becker, Felix Wapelhorst, Winfried Seeburg, Roger Homrighausen (Audio Börse Store), Jörg Schiefke (PSS Veranstaltungstechnik), Thomas Henkel.

10.2004 in-house exhibition 2004

6th SEEBURG in-house exhibition

18th October 2004

Customers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands came to get the latest news at our Open Days.

The GALEO Line Array System prototype was presented for the first time. It is a compact Line Array with 2 x 8”/1.4” Neodyme drivers.

Volker Löwer (Ingenieurbüro für Beschallungstechnik IFB) held a workshop about the acoustic simulation software “Ulysses”. In addition Dipl. Ing. Rüdiger Peter was invited to present Allen & Heath’s digital routing system. (7)

Marko Kraft (JVC Professional) presented the latest Camera systems and Plasmadisplays. (8)

The band “Opportunity” performed in the evening, using the GALEO system.

Again the annual Open Days had been a great success and will be held again next year.

05.2004 CALM EXPO 2004


The 13th China International Exhibition

of Pro Audio, Light, Music & Technology in Beijing.

03.2004 prolight+sound 2004

prolight+sound 2004

31.03. - 03.04.2004

Some impressions of this year’s booth at the Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt.

New Products:
TSM 12, M 5, M 2, MPA 6.6 6-Amp

The seeburg crew (from left to right): Thomas Henkel, Frank Uhlig (LU Veranstaltungstechnik), Harald Kaiser, Felix Wapelhorst, Michael Becker, Winfried Seeburg, Brigitte Baur, Roger Homrighausen (audio börse Store) and Andreas Ordon (Freaksound).

10.2003 in-house exhibition 2003

5th in-house exhibition

13th October 2003

This year about 100 visitors from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherland came to visit our Open Days.

In the showroom they were presented the new M 5 (15"/2" Coax-Monitor) and the multifunctional TSM 12
(12"/1,4" Neodym).

The people from Shure showed their new "Conference One"-system and held a workshop about Media-Control-Systems.

Volker Löwer (Ingenieurbüro für Beschallungstechnik) introduced the simulation software "Ulysses".

In the evening the band "Rosen & Gomorrha" performed their unique & entertaining Audio-Video Liveperformance.

03.2003 prolight+sound 2003

prolight+sound 2003

05.03. - 08.03.2003

Our booth at the prolight & sound 2003.

New Products:

Erstklassiges Design, beste Komponenten und viele interessante Ausstattungsdetails kennzeichnen diese neue Serie an Lautsprechersystemen für den Installations- und Mobileinsatz.

TSM Sat+: Aktives PA-System bestehend aus der Kombination der bewährten TSM10 Systeme und dem neu entwickelten TSM Sub+; ideal für mittelgroße Beschallungsaufgaben. 
Der Verstärkereinschub bietet eine Impulsleistung von 2,6 kW.

SP 2.5: Analoger Systemcontroller mit integriertem Anschlußfeld. Zusätzlicher Mono-Sub-Ausgang, Senseleitungseinspeisung mittels Speakonbuchsen, 2 x parametrischer EQ pro Kanal,
Fullrangeschalter, schaltbarer Bassboost, Allpassfilter.

TPA 1500: Der 2-Weg-Aktiv Verstärker mit 2x325 Watt/4 Ohm (HiMids) und 850 Watt/4 Ohm 
(Monobass). Dieses Verstärkerkonzept empfiehlt sich, wenn konventionelle Verstärkerracks mit separater aktiver Frequenzweiche zu aufwendig und teuer sind.

Our crew (from left to right): Roger Homrighausen (Audio Börse Store), Thomas Henkel, Felix Wapelhorst, Brigitte Bauer, Winfried Seeburg, Michael Becker, Iris Hoffmann und Harald Kaiser.

10.2002 in-house exhibition 2002

4th in-house exhibition

21st October 2002

This year about 150 visitors came to visit our Open Days.

Harald Kaiser presents the new Atelier series. (1)

Two seminars about acoustics room simulation with Ulysses had been held by IFB (Ingenieurbüro für Beschallungstechnik). (3)

Listening tests of the SEEBURG acoustic line systems. (4)

Shure was presenting their Premium UHF system, the new ULX wireless system and products for installations like the P4800 system-processor. (6)

RTC Austria is the new distributer for Austria from November 2002 on.
Sascha Fürstler, Winfried Seeburg and Roland Steinberger (from left to right). (7)

Our new colleague in the sales department, Felix Wapelhorst (right), having a talk with our guests. (8)

The band “Rosen & Gomorrha” showed a great Audio-Video performance in the evening.

03.2002 prolight+sound 2002

prolight+sound 2002

13.03. - 17.03.2002

New Products:

TSE Infra:
2“/18“ Hochleistungs-Subwoofer in Doppelbandpasstechnik, horngeladen; zur Subbbassunterstützung bei Großveranstaltungen

TSM Sat: Kombination der bewährten TS 10 Systemen und dem neu entwickelten TSM Sub; ideal für mittelgroße Beschallungsaufgaben; sowohl aktiv, als auch passiv lieferbar; die leistungsgesteigerte Variante der TSMini Sat

TSD 15: Prototyp des neuen Downfills; ideale Unterstützung des TSE Touringsystems; dienst zur Beschallung des Nahbereichs bei geflogenen Anordnungen; bestückt mit einem extrem leistungsfähigen 15“/2“ Koaxiallautsprechers; durch spezielles Design ebenfalls im Bereich Bühnenmonitoring und Drumfill einsetzbar

09.2001 Hausmesse 2001

3rd in-house exhibition

29th september 2001

This years the in-house exhibition took place on September 29 - more than 100 guests came to see our latest

developments. The new TSM Sat+ (2) active satellite system was presented as well as the tow add ons to our Touring system, the TSE infra (2x18” Sub) and the TSE 6040 top (based on the K2). In addition to listening to the new systems, our guests have been informed about Controller settings, Rigging and Flightcases.

At night the visitors had been invited to a concert of Joo Kraus and Band performing at the Ulmer Roxy Hallen using a Seeburg PA system.(4)

03.2001 prolight+sound 2001

prolight+sound 2001

07.03. - 11.03.2001



New Products:

K2: Neues 12“/2“ Hornsystem in Common Wave Technologie. Ideal für die B1801 Subwoofer

TSE 6040: Zur Ergänzung des Touringsystems TSE 4030/TSE Sub gibt es jetzt ein breit abstrahlendes HiMid-System mit 60 x 40 Grad Dispersion. Ideal für Medium-Throw-Anwendungen.

Die neue Atelierserie: Speziallautsprecher für Multimedianwendungen, Studiomonitoreinsatz und Homekinobeschallung. Die anfangs vorgestellte A1 mit A1 Sub Kombinationen stellen die kleinsten Vertreter dieser Baureihe dar.

10.2000 in-house exhibition 2000

2nd in-house exhibition

29th October 2000

04.2000 prolight+sound 2000

prolight+sound 2000

12.04. - 16.04.2000



New Products:

TSMini Sat+: PA System im Mini Format mit integriertem 4-fach Controlleramp mit 1.8 kW Spitzenleistung

TSM 10: Multifunktionssystem 10“/1“/400 W. Die kleine und starke Alternative zur TSM 15.

Die neue NWX Serie von KIND Audio: Audioamps mit bis zu 2 x 2800 W und extrem niedrigem Gewicht.

CIARE Komponenten: Neue Chassis mit Neodymium-Antrieb. Extrem geringes Gewicht

Neue Kabel auf 100 m Rolle: 2 x 2.5 qmm, 4 x 2.5 qmm und Mikrokabel 2x 0.22 qmm. Sehr flexibel.

10.1999 in-house exhibition 1999

1st in-house exhibition

10th October 1999

03.1999 prolight+sound 1999

prolight+sound 1999

03.03. - 07.03.1999



New Products:

TSM 15:
Multifunktions-Lautsprechersystem 15”/2”

TSM Sub: Subbass-Erweiterung im Passiv- oder Aktivmodus

TSMini: das kleine und starke Brüderchen der TSM 15 - 8”/1”

SP2/M: der analoge Multicontroller mit Einstellsoftware und austauschbarem Systemmodel
4 x IN/4x OUT Modul für den SP2/M. 4 x EQ pro Weg !