05.2024 high power > G Sub 1801 dp / G Sub 1802 dp

high power

for G Sub 1801 dp /
G Sub 1802 dp

The output of the G Sub 1801 dp and G Sub 1802 dp subwoofers has been increased from 2400 watts to 4800 watts by installing a newly developed amplifier module.
This has increased the final level
by around 3 dB!

>> Datenblatt G Sub 1801 dp

>> Datenblatt G Sub 1802 dp

02.2024 ISE 2024 Barcelona

ISE 2024 Barcelona

From January 30 to February 2, 2024, Integrated Systems Europe, the world's leading trade fair for AV and system integration,
took place in Barcelona.

Our product presentations:

C 15 / C 30
Constant Curvature Line Array

Modular beam steering system of the top class

GL 16 / GL 16 Sub
3 x 6.5" subwoofer extension for GL systems

High Class DSP power amplifiers of the latest generation

Many thanks to the numerous visitors
to our stand!

We are looking forward to next year!

Employees at our stand (from left to right):
Felix Wapelhorst, Matthias Loy,
Winfried Seeburg

01.2024 Firmware Update HDLM 8

HDLM 8 Firmware Update

>> Optimizing performance

>> Firmware Update > HDLM 8 Mk III

>> Firmware Update > HDLM 8 Mk I and Mk II

>> HDLM 8 Firmware

12.2023 Software update S-Series power amplifiers

Software Update

S-Series power amplifiers

The comprehensive software update for the S-Series power amplifiers is available for download:

OCS software package/ current firmware
>> Software OCS_Setup_V 4.2.6 (zip)

Updated speaker library
>> Speaker Library V 2-11 (zip)

Updated hardware manual
>> Hardware Manual V 1.2 (pdf)



  • As very extensive adjustments and changes have been made to the signal flow and links in the software and firmware, it is necessary that the snapshot library and the speaker preset library are also updated. These are included in the ZIP file of the download package.

  • Snapshots created by the user may no longer function correctly and may need to be recreated!

  • If you have created your own speaker presets, these must be exported individually and saved on the computer before the update. These can then be re-imported into the new preset library.


> SEEBURG OCS v4.2.4

  • Power button now with 1 second switch-off delay to prevent accidental switch-off
  • Currently selected amp highlighted in colour and easier to recognise
  • Display of activated EQs improved
  • Improved operation when setting the quality in the EQ window
  • The bandwidth (BW) for EQ filters is also displayed in addition to the Q value
  • Bug fixes to the control groups and their synchronisation
  • An amplifier could still be edited in OCS although it is in standby, deactivated (offline editing and synchronisation will come in a future version)
  • Devices can be found in the network and their IP can be set via the "Ethernet Config" menu
  • Improved visualisation of the signal flow
  • Designation of the modes more comprehensible
  • Input matrix implemented
  • Simplified selection of input sources
  • Switchable backup input with automatic switching between primary and secondary
  • The devices in the device list can now be reordered by clicking and dragging


> Firmware v.3.1.5

  • Value range of the nominal Ampgain corrected to 26-44dB
  • Erratic occurrence of "Dante" as input source fixed
  • Adjustments to support the S20 model
  • Encoder behaviour improved
    (less "jumping" values)
  • User EQ page simplified
  • Allpass filter added to user EQs
  • Peak limiter time constants were not loaded correctly, corrected
  • When loading a new speaker and after reset, the outputs are muted for safety reasons
  • Input matrix implemented
  • Simplified selection of input sources
  • Switchable backup input with automatic switching between primary and secondary
  • Length of the device name increased to 14 characters
  • Fixed sporadic connection problems via USB


> Neue Snapshot Library v2.0

with customised basic snapshots according to the new capabilities


1) Download and install the new OCS software package v4.2.4 (also contains the latest firmware!)

2) Connect Amp via USB

3) Switch Amp to standby mode

4) Press and hold encoder and switch Amp on again (display shows that bootloader is ready)

5) Start "SEEBURG Firmware Updater" in Windows, click on "connect" and start update. Once the update is complete, the power amplifier restarts itself and is ready for operation.


1) Start OCS

2) Find the amp in the device list and double-click to open it

3) Use the menu buttons "Open Snapshot Library" or "Open Preset Library" to load the new libraries onto the power amplifier.

After updating the libraries, it is advisable to reset the amplifier or load the first basic snapshot "Direct Out".





11.2023 GL 16 Sub dp+

Now also available in the self-powered GL 16 Sub dp+ version!

  • 3 x 6.5" subwoofer extension
    for GL systems
  • 2-channel amplifier electronics with DSP
  • Amp Power: 800 W AES
  • Four practical presets


>> Data Sheet

11.2023 24. SEEBURG Hausmesse 2023

in-house exhibition

on 13.11.2023

Our 24th SEEBURG in-house exhibition
was a complete success with around 150 visitors.

The presentation of our new products, the very well-attended presentations, the exciting exchange with colleagues and the professional and personal discussions once again made the in-house exhibition a great experience.
Many thanks to all visitors for this successful in-house exhibition.


Interesting lectures:
Power specifications in sound reinforcement technology: What is actually defined?
Presets and tuning of PA systems: Approach and steps to optimization

Product presentations
C 15 / C 30 and C Sub:
The new "Constant Curvature Line Array" closes the gap between point source systems and line arrays. Optimized performance thanks to three 1" drivers with an enlarged 1.7" coil in a very compact design.

GL 16 Sub dp+:
Now also available in the self-powered version. 3 x 6.5" subwoofer extension
for GL systems

i5 dp / i4 PoE:
Self-powered variants

Martin Keller and Johannes Nocker are guests with the new ALLEN & HEATH AVANTIS SOLO and the small "all-rounders" of the CQ series.

10.2023 C-Serie - C 15 / C 30 / C Sub


C 15 / C 30 / C Sub

• Constant Curvature
• Full scalability
• Highly precise dispersion
• Compact appearance
• High performance

The new "Constant Curvature Array" loudspeakers C 15 and C 30 combine the advantages of point source speakers with the performance of Line Arrays.

The vertical dispersion is being defined by the addition of the single C-Series speakers. With the C 15 and C 30 there are vertical dispersion angles of 15° and 30° available.
With relatively few elements, even larger audience areas can be sounded very precisely and equally. The applications are in theatres, sports arenas, club sound reinforcement and medium-sized open air concerts.

C Sub - Bass extension for the C 15 and
C 30 Line Array. Integrated and visually unobtrusive flying system for flown array applications in fixed installations.

09.2023 Huss Expo 2023

Huss Expo 2023

Huss Expo 2023, the trade fair for event technology, was a complete success!

Many thanks to the entire Huss team for the successful trade fair experience and to the numerous visitors to our stand!

> huss-licht-ton.de/expo



April 26, 2023

Our DEMO DAY on April 26, 2023 in Frankfurt was a complete success!
The latest loudspeaker systems could be tested and there was enough time for technical discussions in a nice and relaxed atmosphere.


  • C15 / C30
    Constant Curvature Linearray
    Newly developed software
    "Audio over Ethernet"
  • iBeam
    Modular beam steering system
    of the upper class
  • PS 1
    Point source horn system,
    2 x 12"/2 x 6.5"/1.4"
  • PS Sub
    21" high-performance subwoofer
  • S 3 / S 5 / S 10 / S 20
    High Class DSP power amplifiers of the latest generation

Many thanks to FREAKSOUND and all visitors!

01.2023 AES 67

AES 67

“audio over ethernet”
for all dp loudspeakers!

All selfpowered systems (dp) now have an AES network interface for remote control and audio transmission.
This enables "audio over ethernet" by the use of the AES 67 protocol.
The assignment of audio streams is being done with the new SEEBURG Network Manager.

>> AES 67 Video (YouTube)

01.2023 SEEBURG Network Manager

SEEBURG Network Manager

With this newly developed software,
all dp systems can be controlled via network.

>> DOWNLOAD Network Manager (zip)

>> Quick Start Guide Network Manager-AES67

>> SEEBURG dplmx firmware (zip)


  • Remote control of functions such as recalling presets and banks, level control and mute, and locking the controls on the loudspeakers.
  • Visual display of all systems connected to the control network.
  • Storable names and location labels with a global search function.
  • Selection of loudspeakers in the list for simultanious set-up and control changes.
  • Fully parametric user EQs and delay settings for time alignment, with a graphical user interface
  • Basic network settings.
  • Connection with media control systems via API.
  • Documentation is available online.
  • Identification function by way of flashing LEDs on the dp loudspeaker systems.
  • Firmware updates can be applied from the network manager.

11.2022 23. SEEBURG Hausmesse 2022

in-house exhibition

on Monday, 14.11.2022

The 23rd SEEBURG Hausmesse had taken place on November 14, 2022.
With about 140 domestic and foreign professional visitors it was very successful again.
Product demonstrations, seminars and information about new technical developments added to the general networking aspect of this annual event.
Many thanks to all visitors for this successful in-house exhibition.

07.2022 AES 67

Now - AES 67 compatible!

There's a new update available for the selfpowered (dp) SEEBURG loudspeakers which already have a built-in Ethernet connection. This enables "audio over ethernet" by the use of the AES 67 protocol. The assignment of audio streams is being done with the new SEEBURG Network Manager. This feature will gradually be integrated to all selfpowered SEEBURG speakers with future product updates.

02.2022 Custom Solutions



With our broadly diversified product portfolio, we offer solutions for almost all sound reinforcement tasks. As part of our "Custom Solutions", the customer can also choose from a large number of special solutions and one-off productions if his requirements for certain properties cannot be covered with our standard program.


11.2021 22. SEEBURG Hausmesse 2021

in-house exhibition

on November 15, 2021

After a one-year break, our 22nd SEEBURG in-house exhibition on November 15th, 2021 became an event with many exciting innovations, to which visitors from the fields of event technology, performing arts centers and system integrators were invited.

Product highlights:

Four state-of-the-art 4-channel system power amplifiers S3 / S5 / S10 / S20 in performance classes ranging from 4 x 600 watt to 4 x 4800 watt. During development, particular attention was paid to innovative ease of use, high efficiency, sound quality and reliability.

PS 1 / PS-Sub: High performance 2 x 12” / 2 x 6.5” / 1.4” horn loaded highmid system and 21” subwoofer. The system, which is particularly suitable for clubs and discotheques, can also be used very well in ​​sports venues, theme parks and for live events.

i Beam: Loudspeaker arrays with beam steering technology with many interesting features such as sound guidance using dedicated waveguides, audience area based beam calculation software and presets that can be called up directly on the device. The columns, equipped with a 3" broadband speakers, impress with their high tonal precision, even in the high-frequency range, and are therefore also suitable for high-quality music reproduction.

GL 16 Sub: 3 x 6.5" subwoofer extension for GL systems.

Insight into the latest development studies: Self-powered miniature loudspeakers with Dante and PoE; Constant Curved Array speakers C 30 and C 15 with 30° and 15° beam angle and powerful 2 x 10" / 3 x 1" components.

Experience loudspeakers up close, talk to our SEEBURG team and exchange experiences with colleagues - ingredients that made the event a valued industry get-together again.

Many thanks to all visitors and SEEBURG users for this successful in-house exhibition.

06.2021 SEEBURG Network Manager

The new SEEBURG Network Manager

This newly developed Software is now available to download.
All dp models in the X-series and the TriSource system can now be controlled via network. Further systems to follow.

02.2021 iBeam


Modular Beam Steering System

iBeam Master:
• 8 x 3“ Chassis 
• with Waveguide
• 24 channel DSP 
• 8 channel Class D integrated amplifier

• 8 x 3“ Chassis 
• with Waveguide
• 8 channel Class D integrated amplifier

11.2020 TriSource 10

TriSource 10

Loudspeaker System

The TriSource 10 loudspeaker system is specifically designed for use in combination with large-format video displays. Fitted with two high excursion 5“ chassis and three horn-loaded 1.1“ tweeters, the system achieves very high directivity in the vertical axis for increased throw.

The system is designed for a range of up to
12 m, and is intended for applications such as high-standard conference rooms.



03.2020 X-Serie dp

Coaxial X-Series

digitally powered

The entire X-Series range is now available with an integrated amplifier module as self-powered loudspeakers.

An AES 67 network connection has been added to allow integration into Dante Networks.

03.2020 A 2 dp

A 2 dp

digitally powered

  • Speaker Components: 2 x 6,5" Nd / 1"
  • Amp Power: LF: 500 W / HF: 150 W (AES)
  • Rated Current: 0,5 A @ 230 V
  • SPL (Peak @ 1m): 128 dB
  • Usable Range: 80 Hz - 19 kHz (-6 dB)
  • Tuning Frequency: 95 Hz
  • Size: 51,0 x 21,0 x 21,0 cm
  • Weight: 10,5 kg

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