GALEO T Three-Way Line Array



1500 W / 600 W AES
8 Ω / 8 Ω


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The Galeo T is a High Performance Line Array for large scale sound reinforcement applications which features a number of innovative acoustical and mechanical solutions. Although a three-way system,
the Galeo T is driven two-way active, and
therefore requires only two amplifier channels. The two 12“ low-mid drivers are installed in a space saving double bandpass configuration, which allows a cabinet width of only
76 cm. The newly developed integrated flying hardware allows the curving angle to be set after the system has been lifted up, thereby simplifying the set-up process. The maximum splay angle of 12° makes the Galeo T suitable for applications where only a small number of elements
can be used.


Speaker Components 2 x 12“ Nd / 4 x 6,5“ Nd / / 2 x 1,4“ Nd
Description Three-Way Line Array Unit
Power AES / Peak LF: 1500 W / 4500 W
HMF: 600 W / 1800 W
Impedance nominal LF: 8 Ω / HMF: 8 Ω
SPL   1 W / Peak @ 1 m
LF: 100 dB / 137 dB
HMF: 103 dB / 136 dB
Usable Range  - 6 dB
70 Hz - 18 kHz
Tuning Frequency   excursion minimum 80 Hz
X-Overpoint   acoustical LF/MF: Depends on preset
MF/HF: 1 kHz
Coverage horizontal x vertical 100° x 12° (100°-version)
70° x 12° (70°-version)
Max. Splay Angle 12°
Connectors 2 x Speakon NL4MP in/out
Coding: 1 +/- HiMid, 2 +/- LowMid
Handles 4 x
Rigging / Fittings
Integrated flying hardware
Weight 49,0 kg
Size height x width x depth 38,0 x 76,0 x 52,0 cm
Order No. 00420/100 (100°-version)
00420/70    (70°-version)

for Galeo T,
up to 4 stacked units,

Order No. 01274
Flying Frame

for Galeo T / Galeo T Sub,
incl. accessories
(3 pcs. 12 x 40 mm ball lock pins,
load adapter and 100 mm distance
bar) - also for ground stack.

Order No. 01316
Ball Lock Pin

for Galeo T / Galeo T Sub,
flying frame

6,0 x 40,0 mm

Order No. 01380/6x40

12,0 x 40,0 mm

Order No. 01380/12x40
Load Adapter

for Galeo T / Galeo T Sub,
flying frame

Order No. 01316/L

cambered, high-quality tempered,
with bolt (ø 20 mm), weight: 0,65 kg,
WLL 3250 kg

Order No. 01372/3000
Patch Cable

for Galeo T

Order No. 08448/T
Speaker-Cable NL4

NL4, incl. cable fastener
Länge:5 m
Order No.08452  
Länge:10 m
Order No.08453  
Länge:15 m

Order No. 08454
Lashing Strap

Safetex 25A-B-1-DR,
0,8 t, one-piece,
length: 6 m, width: 25 mm

Order No. 01320
Lashing Strap

Safetex 35A-B-1-DR,
2,0 t, one-piece,
length: 6 m, width: 35 mm

Order No. 01325
AMR Reflectors 100°

for Galeo T, Galeo S,
consisting of 2 pcs.,
AMR reflectors 100°,
incl. fittings

Order No. 08141/100
AMR Reflectors 70°

for Galeo T, Galeo S,
consisting of 2 pcs.,
AMR reflectors 70°,
incl. fittings

Order No. 08141/70