SEEBURG Powerstick

The Powerstick is an ultra slim, lightweight 2 x 500 W power amplifier with integrated DSP controller. It is designed to be integrated into the L-Series Monopod, and can also be mounted directly onto the rear side of an L-Series loudspeaker.
Due to the compact form of the Powerstick, it can also easily be integrated into truss constructions or exhibition stands.


SEEBURG Controller

The DSP 2.6 combines a high quality 2-in / 6-out loudspeaker management system with a system connection panel including all necessary input and output connections in one device, thus making the configuration of a professional amp rack a very simple matter.

The HDLM 8 Loudspeaker Management Controller is capable of managing more complex sound reinforcement systems. A web browser based user interface with multi-client capability allows real time access from a PC or a Mac to user-critical parameters for multiple users simultaneously. Excellent dynamics, a low distortion factor and filters with outstanding sound properties ensure first class audio quality.



Modern electronics, classical design and excellent audio qualities are combined in the SEEBURG power amplifiers
to provide a reliable work horse equally suited to installations and mobile systems.
In addition to the SEEBURG power amplifiers, we can also supply a selection of LAB amplifiers and the Hoellstern DELTA 20.4 amplifier.


SEEBURG System Racks

SEEBURG System racks are available in three standard configurations. Alternative configurations are available
to meet individual customer requirements.
Incl. internal cabling and installation.


SEEBURG 19“ Racks

Plug & Play.