A 2 HiMid Sound System

A 2


400 W AES,
16 Ω (4 Ω optional)


TR-Version with
100 V Transformer,
as above
Data Sheet
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An unobtrusive and elegant Hi - Mid system for permanent installations and coporate applications. The classic 2 x 6.5” Nd / 1” combination provides for clear and transparent speech reproduction and a good throw. Four M10 mounting points, and a fifth as an optional alternative to the speaker stand socket, in combination with the comprehensive accessory range, allow simple vertical or horizontal mounting.

The A 2 is also available in the TR-version with 100 V transformer.

Speaker Components 2 x 6,5“ / 1”
Description HiMid Sound System
Power   AES / Peak 400 W / 1200 W
Impedance   nominal 16 Ω (4 Ω optional)
SPL   1 W / Peak @ 1 m
95 dB / 126 dB
Usable Range
75 Hz - 19 kHz (-10 dB)
Tuning Frequency excursion minimum 91 Hz
X - Overpoint   acoustical 2,5 kHz
Coverage horizontal / vertical 90° x 60° - rotatable
Max. Splay Angle - - -
Connectors 2 x Neutrik Speakon NL4MP in/out
Coding: 1 +/- HiMid, 2 +/- loop thru
Handles 1 x
Rigging / Fittings 4 x M10
35 mm pole mount
Weight 9,5 kg
Size height x width x depth 51,0 x 21,0 x 21,0 cm
Order No. 00230/16/II
00230/16/TR/II (with 100 V transformer)

for A 2, padded

Order No. 01243
Flying Bracket

for A 2
incl. screws (per unit: 2 pcs. M10 x 20 ergostyle lobe knob and rubber washers)

Order No. 01214/set
Flying Bracket

for A 2
horizontal alignment,
incl. screws (per unit: 2 pcs. M10 x 20 socket head screws, spring- and rubber washers)

Order No. 01214/H/set
Ergostyle Lobe Knob

for flying brackets, M10 x 20,
with grip, adjustable

Order No. 08171
Rubber Washer

for flying brackets,
40 mm

Order No. 01205

35 mm ø –> M10 x 16 mm,
M8 x 20 star knob screw

Order No. 08126

with ball and socket joint,
with additional locking screw,
M10 x 15,
max. load 15 kg

Order No. 08125

for A 2 / A 3 flying brackets,
horizontal alignment,
replacement for pole mount flange,
110 mm ø flange with M10 nut

Order No. 08119/M10
Doughty Quick Trigger Clamp

max. load 250 kg

Order No. 01223
Truss Clamp

incl. M10 Adapter,
max. load 15 kg

Order No. 01221
Ring Screw

M10– DIN 580,
black zinced

Order No. 73700
TV Spigot

10 mm internal thread,
28 mm ø

Order No. 08128
Chain Fastener

VBS 7 mm

Order No. 01378
Steel Safety

4 mm x 600 mm, black,
max. load 10 kg (BGI 810-3),
quick connector undetachably

Order No. 01376/4
Wall Mount

2 x M6 fixing holes (d=73 mm),
1 x M10 fixing hole (center),
max. load 25 kg

Order No. 03034
Wall Mount

for U-brackets,
max. load 40 kg, bar: 269 mm,
incl. screws
(M10 x 70 mm socket head screw,
M10 hex lock nut and flat washer)

Order No. 08130/F/269
Wall Mount

with tilt unit,
max. load 40 kg

Order No. 08130
Wall Mount

M10, max. load 15 kg,
with stargrip


Order No. 08131/w (white)

Order No. 08131
Wall Mount

for permanent installation,
incl. tilt angle stop
M10, max. load 15 kg,


Order No. 08131/F/w (white)

Order No. 08131/F
Wall Mount

with ball and socket joint flange (08125),
max. load 15 kg

Order No. 08125/plate
Wall Mount Spacer

for Wall Mount (03034)
M10 x 55 (screw),
polyurea coated

Order No. 03034/spc
Tilt Unit

with grid plate, max. load 30 kg

Order No. 01282

with grid plate and
„balance correction“, max. load 40 kg

Order No. 01284
Speaker Stand

K&M, incl. wind up,
height 138,5 to 218 cm,
max. load 50 kg

Order No. 03011
Speaker Stand

K&M, height 137,5 to 218,5 cm,
max. load 50 kg

Order No. 03010
Honeycomb Grille

for A 2 front replacement,
foam behind grille

Order No. 97004/hex/compl/w (white)

Order No. 97004/hex/compl
Honeycomb Grille

for A 2 front replacement,
foam in front of grille

Order No. 97004/compl/w (white)

Order No. 97004/compl