03.2020 G Sub 1801 dp / G Sub 1802 dp
12.2019 G Sub 1201 dp
/ G Sub 1501

NEU: G Sub 1201 dp ++
G Sub 1501 dp ++

Stereo Versions

with 3-channel DSP electronics and two signal inputs.

>> Datasheet G Sub 1201 dp ++
>> Datasheet G Sub 1501 dp ++

G Sub 1201 dp ++
Amp Power:
500 W AES (single Mode) / 100-230 V
1000 W AES (dual Mode) / 100-230 V
2 x 500 W AES / 4 Ω -HiMid
Rated Current: 1,6 A @ 230 V
Max. SPL @ 1 m: 131 dB
Usable Range: 38 Hz - 220 Hz (-6 dB)
Weight: 17,5 kg
Order No.: 00610/dp++

G Sub 1501 dp ++
Amp Power:
1500 W AES (single Mode) / 100-230 V
2400 W AES (dual Mode) / 100-230 V
2 x 800 W AES / 4 Ω -HiMid
Mains Supply: 100-230 VAC
Rated Current: 4,0 A @ 230 V
Max. SPL @ 1 m: 135 dB
Usable Range: 35 Hz - 180 Hz (-6 dB)
Weight: 29 kg
Order No.: 00620/dp++

11.2019 21. SEEBURG Hausmesse 2019

in-house exhibition

on the 18th November 2019

Our annual in-house exhibition took place on the 18th November 2019, to which over 150 trade visitors from Germany and abroad came.

Once again we were able to present several new products, and offer interesting technical presentations.

Notable amongst the new products were the self-powered versions of the X-Series multi-function loudspeakers.

The A 2 System is also now available as the “dp-Version”

The G Sub 1201 and G Sub 1501 are now available in the eagerly awaited self-powered stereo version with 2 inputs. This version carries the names G Sub 1201 dp++ and G Sub 1501 dp++, and is ready for delivery.

Experience loudspeakers at first hand, talk with the Seeburg Team, and exchange experiences with colleagues - that makes the day a valued date in the trade.

Many thanks to all our visitors and SEEBURG users for the successful exhibition.

09.2019 Newly released: G Sub 1801

Newly released:

The 18” subwoofers G Sub 1801 and G Sub 1802 combine good handling with exceptional precision and depth. Mechanical and acoustic compatibility allow a wide and versatile range of combination possibilites.

G Sub 1801:

Speaker Components: 18“ Nd
Power AES/Peak: 1500 W / 4500 W
Nominal Impedance: 8 Ω
SPL 1 W / Peak @ 1 m: 101 dB / 138 dB

Usable Range: 30 Hz - 200 Hz (-6 dB)
Tuning Frequency: 36 Hz
Size: 58,0 x 58,0 x 78,0 cm
Weight: 45 kg

09.2019 Newly released: G Sub 1802

G Sub 1802:

Speaker Components:
2 x 18“ Nd
Power AES/Peak: 3000 W / 9000 W
Nominal Impedance: 4 Ω
SPL 1 W / Peak @ 1 m: 104 dB / 144 dB
Usable Range: 30 Hz - 200 Hz (-6 dB)
Tuning Frequency: 36 Hz
Size: 58,0 x 116,0 x 78,0 cm
Weight: 81 kg

05.2019 GALEO C Roadshow



The new 2 x 8” / 1.4” system has passed its first round of tests with flying colours:
Excellent sound quality,
good handling and simple set-up
convinced all participants of the
first Roadshow series, at four locations around Germany.

Further dates will follow.

04.2019 Prolight+Sound 2019

Prolight+Sound 2019

02.04. - 05.04.2019

Thank you to the many visitors to our stand at the Prolight + Sound 2019 trade fair in Frankfurt.

Our team on the stand (left to right):
Andreas Ordon, Winfried Seeburg, Johannes Kloas, Ralf Nuhn, Felix Wapelhorst, Alexander Ortmann, Thomas Henkel, Stefan Grüner, Simon Land

03.2019 GALEO C


Exciting developements.

The new GALEO C Line Array System is the next generation of the GALEO system, originally released in 2005, and in continuous production since then.

The “C” is for “Classic”, and refers to the now almost industry standard 2 x 8” / 1.4” combination for general purpose applications.
A long developement period and the use of state-of-the-art design software have produced a loudspeaker system which sets new standards.

03.2019 A 2

The new A 2

Larger horn and improved coverage.

The A 2 System (2 x 6.5“ / 1“) has been comprehensively revised, and now features a significantly larger horn for better, more precise coverage.
Directivity and speech intelligibilty are considerably improved.

Available from Juni 2019

02.2019 CP 4.4

CP 4.4

The connection solution
for 4-channel amplifier systems.

With 1 RU height, the connection panel
CP 4.4 ist the perfect connection solution for 4-channel system amplifiers.

Beside the 4x XLR input sockets and the 4x XLR link outputs, it contains 6x Speakon NL4 sockets for separate- and coded system-cabling.

There’s an additional Speakon NL8 output socket which includes all output channels.
The CP 4.8 is the larger version (2 RU) with 8x in- and outputs and an additional built in CEE / Powercon power distribution.

11.2018 20th SEEBURG in-house exhibition

in-house exhibition

on the 19th November 2018

For the 20th time, the SEEBURG in-house exhibition took place on 19.11.2018,
with product presentations and technical lectures as the main topics of the event.

The Galeo C line array system, which replaces the predecessor model produced since 2005, was presented.

The TriSource 10 loudspeaker system, specially developed for combination with large displays, works with two 5" long-throw chassis and three 1.1" horn-loaded tweeters, which together are intended to provide vertical focussing to increase the range.

In addition to the demonstrations, the presentations on the topics of "Audio networks with DANTE" and "New technology for the Beethovenhalle in Bonn" also met with lively participation and interest.

Experiencing loudspeakers up close, talking to our Seeburg team and exchanging experiences with colleagues - once again, this event was a valued industry meeting.

Many thanks to all visitors and users for this successful in-house exhibition.

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06.2018 MultiRigg


replaces flying cradle!

The new universal mounting system replaces conventional flying cradles for both stand mounting and flown installations. Compact and  versatile, the fixture allows continuous tilt adjusment. A latching slider serves to align the hanging point with the centre of gravity in the vertical axis.

Compatible with

K 20, X 4, X 6 and X 8. (Order No. 01360)

04.2018 X-Serie Neuvorstellung


New Product Presentation

The prolight+sound 2018 will be the venue for the presentation of the new multi-functional, co-axial, high-performance Seeburg X-Series.

>> X-Series Flyer

The five different versions in the series provide flexibilty to cover a wide range of applications. High priority was given during the development  process to ideal directional characteristics, full-range capabilities, and practice-oriented enclosure design.

The larger models in the series are compatible with the MultiRigg hardware range.

The new series will be available in the versions with passive cross-over from April 2018. Versions with integrated amplifiers and an
AES 67 connection are in developement.

04.2018 Prolight+Sound 2018

Prolight+Sound 2018

10.04. - 13.04.2018

Thank you to our many visitors at our stand at the Prolight + Sound 2018 trade fair in Frankfurt.

The new systems presented at the trade fair were met with great enthusiasm:

High-performance top unit K 20:
A very flexible sound reinforcement system which, thanks to its design for vertical and horizontal alignment, can be used as a stand-alone system, but also in cluster operation. The optimised arrangement and control of the 2 x 10"/ 1.4 components ensures very precise dispersion and phase behaviour. The universal Multi Rigg™ can be mounted for installation. The K 20 system is available as a self-powered version and as a version with a passive crossover. Two different horn variants are available for customisation to the sound reinforcement task.

X-Series with 5 different models:
Multifunctional and compact 2-way systems of the upper class. The coaxial design in combination with an elaborately developed and large-area horn ensures absolutely uniform transmission behaviour even outside the main dispersion axis. High-performance neodymium drives and long-throw voice coils ensure a high level of efficiency with greatly reduced distortion.

An absolute highlight at our stand party was provided by "DIE GUTEN" with an atmospheric show and thus a perfect end to a successful day at the fair.

The team on our stand (left to right):
Ralf Nuhn, Thomas Henkel, Stefan Grüner, Winfried Seeburg, Alina Neubauer, Alexander Schmidt und Felix Wapelhorst

11.2017 19th SEEBURG in-house exhibition

in-house exhibition

on the 20th November 2017

With more than 140 guests, our 19th in-house exhibition was a resounding success.

>> In-house exhibition video

The informal atmosphere provided the perfect context for extensive listening tests and practical demonstations, serious discussion, and relaxed shop-talk philosophising.

The newly released K 20 attracted great interest, as did the MultiRigg universal flying hardware system.

The Preview of the X-Series was the cause of many suprised and amazed expressions.The extremly positive feedback reassured us that we are on the right track with this exciting development.

In addition to the demonstrations, the presentations on “Audio networking with DANTE” und “The new X-Series - Preview”, and the  workshop 
„HDLM 8 and DSP 2.6 in the Practise“ enjoyed great interest and enthusiastic participation.

The Live-Duo "Die Guten" provided a fitting end to an eventful day with the premier of their new CD.

Our thanks go to all visitors and users for a successful in-house exhibition.

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07.2017 Connection Panel CP 4.8

Now available!

The new CP 4.8 Connection Panel.

The CP 4.8 Connection Panel has been developed as an accessory for 19" racks to allow the user frontal access to all input and output connectors for up to 8 amplifier channels and a controller with up to 4 inputs.

A 3 x 16 A power distributor with Powercon connectors is also integrated. The front panel features four XLR inputs with loop-through connectors for the controller.

The loudspeakér connections include a total of 12 Speakon connectors for universal individual connections or coded system cabling. Alternatively, the loudspeakers can be connected via two 8-pin NL8 connectors.

07.2017 K 20 Neuvorstellung

Flexible K 20 System

New Product presentation

With the K 20 System we present a highly flexible Sound Reinforcement system. The construction principle of this new cabinet design makes the system suitable for use in vertical or horizontal orientations, as a stand-alone system, or as an element in a cluster combination.

>> K 20 Datasheet
>> K 20 Flyer

Optimised placement of the 2 x 10" Nd / 1.4" Nd drivers in relation to one another ensures a very precise phase and coverage characteristic.

For flown systems, the K 20 System introduces the first application of the new MultiRigg™ hardware. This innovative system supersedes conventional frame or bracket solutions for installation on stands, or flown applications.

The extremely compact fixture allows stepless adjustment of the vertical angle of the loudspeaker.
The slide can be adjusted step-wise and locked into position to keep the mount point in line with the centre of gravity of the loudspeaker.

The K 20 System has been developed as a version with a passive crossover, and as a self-powered "dp" Version. To better provide for the demands of various sound reinforcement situations, a choice is available between a wider and a more narrow horn configuration.

04.2017 Prolight+Sound 2017

Prolight+Sound 2017

04.04. - 07.04.2017

Thank you to our many visitors at our stand at the Prolight + Sound 2017 trade fair in Frankfurt. Once again, "DIE GUTEN" provided the perfect atmosphere for our stand party, and really brought the Galeo S System to life.

Our team on the stand (left to right):
Thomas Henkel, Winfried Seeburg, Andreas Ordon, Alexander Ortmann, Stefan Grüner, Daniel Stämmler, Ralf Nuhn, Felix Wapelhorst, Alina Neubauer

01.2017 A 3 dp

The new A 3 dp

Selfpowered HiMid Sound System

  • 2 x 8“ Nd / 1”
  • 500 W + 150 W AES
  • DSP with 3 x presets and soft mode
  • 90° x 60° - rotatable
  • 13,5 kg
  • 59,0 x 25,0 x 25,0 cm

High output universal HiMid system fitted with a classic 2 x 8“ Nd / 1“ driver combination. Equally suited as a strong top in combination with a subwoofer or as a stand alone system for speech reproduction over short to medium distances. Four M10 mounting points, and a fifth as an optional alternative to the speaker stand socket, in combination with the comprehensive accessory range, allow simple vertical or horizontal mounting. The integrated digital amplifier technology provides 500 / 150 Watt AES and DSP control. A range of factory-configured presets and volume settings can be selected.

11.2016 Hausmesse 2016

Successful 18th SEEBURG in-house exhibition

on the 21st. November 2016

The 21st. November saw our 18th. SEEBURG in-house exhibition take place. With around 140 international industry professinals

attending, our in-house exhibiton has achieved the status of an established event in the sound reinforcement branch. The occasion offered the chance for exstensive listening to the systems, and experimenting with their possibilities. In the informal atmosphere, there was much serious discussion and relaxed tech-talk to be heard.

The demonstration of the new Atelier series drew much attention, particularly the completely re-designed 2 x 8" A3 top. This year's new Line Arrays Galeo S and Galeo T provided an impressive demonstration, that detailed musicality and high power capacity don't have to be a contradiction in terms. The Hands-On area was the ideal chance to experience the comfortable handling and modern aesthetics of  our systems, as well as the comprehensive and well thought out accessory program.
In addition to the product demonstrations, the technical presentations enjoyed enthusiastic interest and participation.

The duo "Die Guten" provided, in their unique and humorous manner,  the appropriate musical accompaniment for the end of the day.

Our thanks go to all our visitors and users for their part in a very successful event.

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