06.2014 Accessories

New subwoofer ceiling mount

simple and safe installation

A new, two piece mounting frame for safe, quick and easy mounting of a subwoofer under the ceiling: One part is screwed on to the M20 mounting point on the sub, the other is mounted on to the ceiling. The subwoofer is then simply hung up on the ceiling mount and secured with an Allen head screw.

Ceiling Mount Order No. 08129

02.2014 DSP 2.6

DSP 2.6

Plug & Play.

The DSP 2.6 combines a high quality 2-in / 6-out loudspeaker management system with a system connection panel including all necessary input and output connections in one device, thus making the configuration of a professional amp rack a very simple matter. The two low-noise analog inputs are actively balanced, with characteristics which closely simulate those of a balancing transformer.

Audio files for programming the DSP 2.6 can be generated on the Seeburg website with the program “LPI” (Loudspeaker Programming Interface).

11.2013 K Sub 1801

K Sub 1801

Der perfekte Partner
für K 24.

The K Sub 1801 is a compact high-power subwoofer for universal use in the frequency range of 32 Hz to 220 Hz. The classic bass reflex design with streamlined ports leads to
a exceptional precise and deep bass response with medium throw. Four ergonimical handles ensure perfect handling.
For transportation, a wheelboard can be mounted to the front side. The system is also available in a selfpowered version.

09.2013 i4


Miniature loudspeaker

for applications which require a good sounding system with a low profile. The powerful 4“ wide-range cone driver is capable of delivering undistorted SPL of up to 113 dB (1W/1m).
Flexible mounting options and the standard flying bracket make the i4 system a universal tool for nearfield applications.

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