11.2015 Galeo T Sub

Galeo T Sub

Bass extension for the Galeo T line array.

  • Integrated flying hardware for flown or ground stacked applications.
  • 1 x 21“
  • 1500 W AES/ 4500 W Peak
  • 8 Ω
  • 56,0 x 76,0 x 76,0 cm
  • 62,0 kg
11.2015 Galeo S

Galeo S

A compact, general purpose high performance line array

  • 2 x 6,5" Nd / 1,4" Nd
  • Two-Way Line Array Unit
  • 400 W AES
  • 16 Ω
  • Max. Splaywinkel 16°
  • 19,0 x 45,0 x 38,5 cm
  • 13,5 kg
11.2015 Galeo S Sub

Galeo S Sub

Bass extension for the Galeo S line array.

  • Integrated flying hardware for flown or ground stacked applications.
  • 1 x 15"
  • 1000 W AES / 3000 W Peak
  • 8 Ω
  • 56,0 x 45,0 x 60,0 cm
  • 33,0 kg
11.2015 New DPLM Platform for all dp models

New DPLM Platform for all dp models

Lower noise floor, more dynamic range
and increased efficiency with the new generation of our DSP Amplifier modules.

The wide range power supply and transformer simulating electronic balancing make hums and buzzes caused by poor quality mains power a thing of the past. The main features have been

based on the DSP 2.6 Systempanel, from which almost all functions have been implemented.

dp models with DPLM Platform:

G 3 dp -> link    (from 04.2015 / SN 0220)

G Sub dp -> link    (from 03.2015 / SN 0468)
G Sub 1001 dp+ ->link    (from Launch)
G Sub 1201 dp+ -> link    (from 01.2015 / SN 0202)
G Sub 1501 dp -> link    (from 01.2015 / SN 0135)
G Sub 1501 dp+ -> link    (from Launch)

GL 16 i dp 1000 -> link    (from 03.2015 / SN 0652-i)
GL 16 c dp 1000 -> link
     (from 04.2015 / SN 0661-c)
GL 24 dp -> link    (from 02.2015 / SN 0541)
GL 24 j dp -> link
     (from 11.2014 / SN 0521)

TSM 10 dp -> link     (from 03.2015 / SN 0175)
TSM 12 dp -> link     (from 10.2015 / SN 0223)
TSM 15/II/60x50/dp -> link    (ab 10.2015 / SN 0048)
TSM 15/II/90x60/dp -> link
    (ab 04.2016 / SN 0060)
TSM Sub dp+ -> link     (from 10.2015 / SN 0426)

K 24 dp -> link      (from Launch)
K Sub 1502 dp -> link     (from Launch)
K Sub 1801 dp -> link     (from Launch)

A 6 dp -> link    (from 03.2015 / SN 0304)

10.2015 Eröffnung USER PORTAL

Now online: The SEEBURG


Our USER PORTAL is the ideal platform for networking with other SEEBURG users
and providing information about your own rental Equipment.
The USER PORTAL offers you a comfortable framework to present yourself and your services.
Just post a short description of your company with a Logo and contact information,
and a listing of your own SEEBURG equipment.



API - now available for the HDLM 8

The newly released API (application programming interface) makes it possible
for any C programmer to fully access the HDLM 8.
This allows, for example, direct control of presets, or any other control values,
via a Crestron or AMX touch screen controller.

05.2015 i5


5" addition to the most compact SEEBURG series

Ultra compact loudspeaker system for applications requiring good acoustic and power handling characteristcs in a particulary unobtrusive package. The powerful 5" Neodym coaxial driver provides very wide but precise coverage, distortion free up to levels of over 115 dB.

Multiple flying points and connection possibilities make the i5 system a universal sound reinforcement tool suitable for a wide range of near field applications.


GL 8i + GL 8c

Expansion modules
for GL systems

for extended throw or increased vertical coverage angle. With these modules, the GL-16 and GL-24 systems can be better tailored to specific applications and demanding acoustic environments. In standard form, the GL 8 modules are 2-way actively driven. A version with a passive crossover is also available. GL 8 expansion modules are particularly suited to permanent installations.

05.2015 K Sub 1502

K Sub 1502 dp

High performance bass reflex technology

Twin long excursion 15" Neodym chassis provide accurate and highly efficient bass reproduction over a wide frequency range, powered by the integrated 2400 W amplifier. The on-board DSP controller offers three filter presets, a switchable cardiod mode, and a range of loudspeaker presets. A transport front cover with wheels is optionally available.
The K Sub 1502 can be used in a horizontal or a vertical orientation as required.

03.2015 G Sub 1001

The new G Sub 1001 dp+

A compact, high powered subwoofer with two integrated, dsp controlled amplifiers. Four practice oriented presets and volume settings are available to provide an optimal setting for any application. The second amplifier is available to drive a high / mid cabinet or a second, passive subwoofer. The modern design and high power-handling capabilities make the G Sub 1001 particularly interesting for applications requiring precise bass reproduction and very unobtrusive installation.

07.2014 K 24 90°

K 24

in the 90° Version

The 90° version of the K24 was launched in mid July 2014. The newly developed, hand laminated horn provides a significantly wider coverage than the 60° x 50° version. All other components are identical.

07.2014 HDLM 8 Update

Comprehensive update for the HDLM 8

A cost free update for all versions of the HDLM 8 system controller is now available to download. The new firmware contain significant improvements and new features. You can try out the new features in the Web with the virtual HDLM 8 at the following link.

SEEBURG HDLM 8 Firmware Updates

The most significant improvements include:

  • Projects can now be saved directly from the web browser GUI
  • A project description had been integrated
  • New peak limiters with improved audio characteristics have been integrated
  • LPI (= loudspeaker programming interface) Reference Documentation is now included
  • Connectivity is now displayed, the danger of a crash has been further minimised.
  • Level and Status displays have been optimised.

07.2014 G Sub 1501 dp+

Double amplification–

G Sub 1501 dp+

The G Sub 1501 dp+ is fitted with a two channel amplifier with an additional 700 Watt/ 4 Ω output to connect a top loudspeaker. It is also possible to connect a passive G Sub 1501 to extend the bass output and produce 2.4 kW of power. The integrated DSP is programmed with a default setting which also includes a cardioid setup. Alternative loudspeaker configurations can be saved to the DSP using the LPI system (Loudspeaker Programming Interface).

06.2014 Accessories

Accessory Bag

universal & practical

This practical padded carry bag can contain up to four base plates (01278), cables and various mounting frames.
51 cm x 62 cm x 23 cm (height x width x depth)

Order No. 01227

06.2014 Accessories

New subwoofer ceiling mount

simple and safe installation

A new, two piece mounting frame for safe, quick and easy mounting of a subwoofer under the ceiling: One part is screwed on to the M20 mounting point on the sub, the other is mounted on to the ceiling. The subwoofer is then simply hung up on the ceiling mount and secured with an Allen head screw.

Ceiling Mount Order No. 08129

02.2014 DSP 2.6

DSP 2.6

Plug & Play.

The DSP 2.6 combines a high quality 2-in / 6-out loudspeaker management system with a system connection panel including all necessary input and output connections in one device, thus making the configuration of a professional amp rack a very simple matter. The two low-noise analog inputs are actively balanced, with characteristics which closely simulate those of a balancing transformer.

Audio files for programming the DSP 2.6 can be generated on the Seeburg website with the program “LPI” (Loudspeaker Programming Interface).

11.2013 K Sub 1801

K Sub 1801

Der perfekte Partner
für K 24.

The K Sub 1801 is a compact high-power subwoofer for universal use in the frequency range of 32 Hz to 220 Hz. The classic bass reflex design with streamlined ports leads to
a exceptional precise and deep bass response with medium throw. Four ergonimical handles ensure perfect handling.
For transportation, a wheelboard can be mounted to the front side. The system is also available in a selfpowered version.

09.2013 i4


Miniature loudspeaker

for applications which require a good sounding system with a low profile. The powerful 4“ wide-range cone driver is capable of delivering undistorted SPL of up to 113 dB (1W/1m).
Flexible mounting options and the standard flying bracket make the i4 system a universal tool for nearfield applications.

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