PS 1 High Impact Point Source

PS 1


1500 W /300 W AES,
4 Ω / 16 Ω
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The PS 1 is a high-performance system for clubs, live applications, installations in sports arenas and amusement parks. Its unique twin-coaxial mid-high section provides a very precise and even dispersion pattern of 80° x 40°. All three sources virtually merge into a single one, resulting in an excellent spatial resolution. Two 12-inch woofers extend its frequency range down to 75 Hz.
The three-way design offers impressive dynamic headroom with minimal distortions and coloration. Thanks to the integrated crossover network, only two amplifier channels are required. Colors of horn flares, grilles and enclosures can be customized to suit the needs of architects and designers.

Speaker Components 2 x 12“ / 2 x 6,5“ / 1,4“ (3“ VC)  
Description High Impact Point Source  
Power   AES / Peak LF: 1500 W / 4500 W
MHF: 300 W / 900 W
Impedance   nominal LF: 4 Ω / MHF: 16 Ω  
SPL   1 W / Peak @ 1 m
LF: 101 dB / 138 dB
MHF: 108 dB / 138 dB
Usable Range
75 Hz - 20 kHz (-6 dB)  
Tuning Frequency excursion minimum 80 Hz  
X - Overpoint   acoustical 300 Hz / 1,3 kHz  
Coverage horizontal / vertical 80° x 40°  
Enclosure Wedge Angle 30°  
Connectors 2 x Speakon NL4 in/out
Coding: 1 +/- MHF, 2 +/- LF

Handles 5 x  
Rigging / Fittings Cradle plates on top side,
tilt bar connection on back side

Weight 54 kg  
Size height x width x depth 92,0 x 58,0 x 58,0 cm  
Order No. 00780


Flying Cradle

tool-free snap-in assembly,
incl. accessories (1 x load adapter M10,
1 x ball lock pin 8 x 25 mm)

Order No. 01356
Wheel Board

for PS 1

Order No. 01264/PS1
Stacking Board

fits: PS Sub,
incl. 1 x handle screw M10 x 20

Order No. 01395
Ball Lock Pin

8,0 x 25,0 mm

Order No. 01380/8x25
Handle Screw

M10 x 20

Order No. 08375/20
Load Adapter M10

for Galeo C / Galeo C Sub
flying frame / PS 1 flying cradle

Order No. 01328
Full Grille Option

Grille with wide-meshed
hexagonal perforation

> brushed stainless steel finish

Order No. 97290/stainless steel
Full Grille Option

Grille with fine-meshed
hexagonal perforation

> with foam on inside

Order No. 97290/black/foam

> without foam

Order No. 97290/black
Partial Grille Option

Grille with wide-meshed
hexagonal perforation
for the low-frequency section

> brushed stainless steel finish

Order No. 97295/stainless steel