GALEO S Sub Passive Bass Extension

Bass extension for the Galeo S Line Array featuring integrated flying hardware for flown or ground stacked applications. The classic bass reflex design in combination with flow optimised ports and the high power 15“ Neodymium driver provide accurate bass reproduction even in the lowest frequency range.

Speaker Components 15“ Nd
Description Passive Bass Extension
Power AES / Peak 1000 W / 3000 W
Impedance nominal 8 Ω
SPL 1 W / Peak @ 1 m
100 dB / 135 dB
Usable Range   - 6 dB
35 Hz - 220 Hz
Tuning Frequency excursion minimum 42 Hz
Connectors 2 x Speakon NL4MP in/out
Coding: 1+/- loop thru, 2+/- Sub
Handles 4 x
Rigging / Fittings M20 on top and side
Wheelboard fittings
Integrated flying hardware
Weight 33 kg
(+ 7,0 kg wheelboard)
Size height x width x depth 56,0 x 45,0 x 60,0 cm
Order No. 00460

for Galeo S Sub, up to 3 units,
horizontal alignment

Order No. 01269/Dolly/3

for Galeo S Sub, up to 6 units,
horizontal alignment

Order No. 01269/Dolly/6
Wheel Board

for Galeo S Sub,
also usable as Dolly,
stackable, 7,0 kg

Order No. 01269

for Galeo S Sub,
by using wheelboard

Order No. 01234/S
Flying Frame

for Galeo S / Galeo S Sub,
incl. accessories
(3 pcs. 6 x 20 mm ball lock pins,
load adapter and 100 mm distance
bar) - also for ground stack.

Order No. 01310
Ball Lock Pin

for Galeo S flying frame,
Galeo S flying cradle
and Galeo S,
6,0 x 20,0 mm

Order No. 01380/6x20
Clamp Adapter

for Galeo S / Galeo S Sub,
flying frame and flying cradle-> truss

Order No. 01313
Load Adapter

for Galeo S / Galeo S Sub,
for flying frame and flying cradle

Order No. 01311
Speaker Pole

250 mm, ø 35 mm, M20,
with ring lock

Order No. 03020
Speaker Pole

M20, with wind up

Order No. 03023

Foot, 38 x 10 mm, Rubber

Order No. 07611


Foot, 38 x 10 mm, Nylon

Order No. 07609