Powerstick ultra slim power amplifier



2 x 500 Watt
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The Powerstick is an ultra slim, lightweight 2 x 500 W power amplifier with integrated DSP controller. It is designed to be integrated into the L-Series Monopod, and can also be mounted directly onto the rear side of an L-Series loudspeaker.
Due to the compact form of the Powerstick, it can also easily be integrated into truss constructions or exhibition stands.

Various factory-configured presets and volume settings can be selected.
The user can program custom presets with the LPI (Loudspeaker Programming Interface).

Description Ultra Slim Multi Purpose Power Amplifier
Amp Power 2 x 500 W AES @ 4 Ω / 110-230 V
Rated Current 0,75 A @ 230 V
Min. Load Impedance 2 x 4 Ω
Max. Input Signal 25 dBu
DSP HDLM FPGA Processing 32 bit floating point
AD / DA 24 bit / 96 kHz
Latency 0,8 ms (analog in to analog out)
Signal/Noise Ratio 115 dB
Connectors Neutrik XLR in/out
Neutrik PowerCon in/out
3 x Neutrik Speakon NL4MP out
Rigging / Fittings 2 x keyhole for wall mounting
10 x hole
Weight 2,6 kg
Size   (height x width x depth)
50,8 x 8,5 x 8,2 cm
Order No. 00750/dp
Universal Bag

Universal bag for
Small Base Plate and accessories,
with side pocket
51 cm x 62 cm x 23 cm
(height x width x depth)

Order No. 01227
Monopod for L-Serie

Size and Design like L 16j,
to be fixed with M20 on bottom
and M10 on top

Order No. 00750/L16j
Monopod for L-Serie

Size and Design like L 8i,
to be fixed with M20 on bottom
and M10 on top

Order No. 00750/L8i
Tool Set for Monopod

consisting of: wooden plate
with M20 and M10 screws,
matching keys, magnetic bits

Order No. 00750/tool
Base Plate XL

for stacked mounting
of multiple GL 16 units, GL Sub
with M20 flange,
80,0 x 80,0 cm

Order No. 01279/M20
Base Plate, Small

for GL 16 / GL Sub / L-Series
with M20 flange,
61,5 x 48,0 cm

Order No. 01278/M20
Hybrid Cable System

PowerCon-PowerCon / XLR-XLR

Order No. 08462    2,5 m
Order No. 08464    5,0 m
Order No. 08466    10 m
Order No. 08468    15 m